Nashville: I Feel Sorry For Me Review

In tonight’s episode of Nashville, Juliette is still pregnant and Rayna is still planning the wedding we all know will never happen.

Tonight was one of those setup episodes, where they set the table for next week’s payoff. Jeff lurked in the shadows like Mr. Burns, Rayna tried on wedding dresses with no friends in toe, unless you count a stranger, and Juliette’s face few wider. Let’s break it down, shall we?

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Rayna wants to sign Sadie to her label, Deacon doesn’t want to give his hookup the wrong idea, Avery’s heart still hurts from when Juliette done him wrong, and Zoey is still suspicious of Gunnar and Scarlett’s closeness. I would be too if Scarlett’s personality wasn’t written to be akin to wet sand. But I’ll forgive all of this because Rayna’s daughters finally sing this episode and if they sold an album tomorrow I’d go buy it even though I forgot if record stores still even exist.


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Once again, Deacon is the heart and soul of this show and his new found relationship or FWB or whatever we want to call it had some fun, playful moments. I also enjoyed all the close ups on Hayden Panettiere’s face when Avery was giving his “I wish I never met you” speech usually given by disgruntled teenagers.


Jeff called someone who picked up before the phone rang and laid out his plan to sign Rayna’s daughters to his label with only the father’s consent. This would never work on even the worst of parents, but Nashville has written Teddy so incompetent that by golly, it just might.


  • Rayna invites a practical stranger to watch her try on her wedding dress. Why does she have no friends except her frowny face sister? Or at least want to take her daughter? Or heaven forbid, a stylist? Which she needs, that Grecian prom dress is a no-go in my book. But so is this wedding so who cares?
  • Avery is acting like this is his first breakup. People cheat. It’s shitty, but it happens and you have to move on. Or at least pretend to, fake it to make it right?
  • I can’t decide which Glenn I like better. Mr. Clean Glenn or Glenn all Donald Trumped out.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. One for Lennon and Maisy singing, another for Deacon having fun for a second instead of pining after Rayna, and a third for not having Layla in the episode in any shape or form. This episode loses a star for continuing to force scenes between Scarlett and Zoey even though there is nothing left to talk about and another for the scene where the wedding dress shop is being bombarded with paparazzi but Rayna and Sadie just waltz out the side door with NO ONE NOTICING.  

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3 out of 5