Nashville: Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy Review

In tonight’s Nashville, Teddy dates an escort, Maddie throws a party, and everyone’s a CMA nominee. Here’s our review...

Tonight we celebrate the underdog: the supporting character! Gunnar begs his newfound baby momma to stay, Avery agrees to give it a go with his baby momma, Juliette alienates a homeless man who once had a baby momma… you get the Nashville gist.


Rayna gets nominated for five CMA awards, Luke four (take that Luke!), and Will and Sadie even each get one! I think I might have also gotten nominated but I was distracted by Rayna’s second side pony in two weeks. While adorable, that’s like putting a gorgeous cashmere sweater under a giant coat. Let that hair flow, girl!


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Mayor Sad-Dad really made his presence known tonight with MULTIPLE SCENES. It was like throw back Thursday to his Peggy era! He had his bro-date with Jeff Fordham and two (obvious to anyone but Mayor Sad-Dad) prostitutes, the scene where he had missed calls and voice mails from one of his daughters and a police chief (note: upon seeing his phone, his line was “aw, crap.” Not giving him much to work with, writers). And he had a third scene, which actually made me really like him when he agreed with Rayna that leaving her tour, because of her teenage daughter’s bad decision, would send a message to women that “in order to be a mother that you just have to drop everything!”


I’m not sure which was a bigger closer: Gunnar asking his baby momma, who was on her way to live with her boyfriend to stay and within two seconds she says sure, or Avery sort of agreeing to hang out with Juliette for a bit or Rayna pretending she had a new single to perform on her own on Dancing With The Stars, so she can step out from behind her Rayna-Luke couple shadow? Maybe Juliette announcing she was pregnant but even that was such a non-event; maybe they had some big dramatic last scene that was cut for editing reasons? This just felt sort of like a filler episode of obligatory “who else is on the cast? Oh yeah, lets give them a scene.”


  • Is it in Connie Britton’s contract that every other woman on the show has to have shitty hair so hers looks even more amazing? Layla’s bangs are insane, Scarlett’s braids might be made of actual straw, and although not in tonight’s episode, her sister Tandy’s hair looks like I cut it and I have a drinking problem and poor upper body strength. 
  • Mayor Sad-Dad had four voicemails but only two missed calls from his daughter Daphne. HOW DID NO PRODUCER/EDITOR/HUMAN stop them from that?
  • Juliette to Avery about her pregnancy: “I’ma do this one of two ways; with you all in or without you. And that’s your choice.” Um…I’m not sure that’s your choice Juliette. If he doesn’t want to marry you, he can still see his kid.
  • I felt so bad for Mayor Sad Dad for actually thinking the smart, funny, pretty, good listener was actually interested in his boring stories and not an escort because it was so obvious.

I give this episode two out of five stars. One for Deacon’s acoustic set (this show needs more music and less dialogue) and another for Tandy not being in it (honestly, did anyone even miss her?). It looses a star for the stagnant storyline of Will and Layla, another for Gunnar and his lame high school girlfriend, and their boring story, and a third for Rayna and Luke still dating but not doing anything with it. I truly believe if we skipped this week’s episode, “Nobody Said It was Going to be Easy,” and went from last week’s to the upcoming, no one would know the difference and that’s… not the best.

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2 out of 5