Nashville: Two Sides to Every Story Review

In tonight's episode of Nashville, we get a little bit of Old Juliette back, despite uncomfortable clothing, as band line-ups are decided.


Rayna and Luke are doing what they do best on tonight’s Nasvhille; living their lives on camera while filming a Christmas special for charity (and publicity).


Toss up between the writers taking Juliette to Crazytown yet again and having her drive around in a motorized scooter that my grandma uses to stalk Avery, and Terry getting drunk within five minutes of leaving the stage off of a brown bagged bottle of liquor—presumably given go him by the group of squatters he found just outside the festival. The emotion behind the scene was real and I can’t imagine the guilt he felt to drive him to drink, and his words to Scarlett did give her the shove she needed to get back on stage. Still, I laughed every time he took a pull from that prop bottle.

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Side note: the name Terry is way too close to the name Teddy… does this mean Mayor Sad Dad is out and Terry is Daphne’s new daddy? I’m kidding, but seriously, this is a fictional show where they get to name the characters; why choose Terry?


From where I see it, we ended with one good decision and two bad ones. Layla slept with Jeff, Zoey moved to LA, and Gunnar turned down a group tour without even talking to Scarlett or Avery, which had me yelling at the TV. The manager swapped Scarlett out for Zoey without batting an eye, what makes Gunnar think he’s so irreplaceable? Maybe Scarlett and Avery could go on tour without him and he could fly in for big shows – or not – but at least don’t be so selfish and talk it out with the other people it effects.


  • “Great, I’ll just get my boyfr…birthing partner.” – I would never be able to find the words birthing partner in my mouth after accidentally calling my non-boyfriend my boyfriend. Good save/writing.
  • Will and Layla have fallen into a groove of being nice and supportive to each other which is nice to see but we wish Will could stop hiding and accept who he is already!
  • I can’t believe Deacon got as mad as he did about Rayna giving up their story when she very clearly explained to him it was to protect HIS daughter Maddie from a terrible tabloid story.
  • Oliver Hudson is HOT. Him lying post-coitus next to 17-year-younger Aubrey Peeples? Not so much.

I give this episode four out of five stars. One star for Rayna’s hair as usual (but what was up with that giant detachable bow over her shirt?). One for Avery and Juliette’s flirty scene after Juliette apologizes for briefly being Old Juliette. Another star for Layla’s singing and character getting a bit more interesting, and another for Scarlett due to her getting back up there already so we can continue to hear Gunnar/Scarlett duets. Speaking of, one star off for Gunnar who has been riding on his good looks for too long while making selfish decisions.

The biggest event of the night happened in the “coming up next week” during the credits when Deacon is passed out, unresponsive on his floor on presumably Rayna’s wedding day, but we will have to get more details on that next week!

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4 out of 5