Nashville: I’ve Got a Reason to Hate You Review

In this episode of Nashville, Juliette is still preggo and Mayor Sad-Dad signs Maddie into child slavery. Here’s our review...

On this week’s Nashville, Scarlett’s mom and Deacon’s sister Beverly comes into town and lets us know she’s not going to help Deacon get out of the mess he got himself into and will attend his funeral instead. Teddy puts his career before his kids once again and Gunnar takes his first flight ever (guessing, but probably?) to make up with his snephew (son-nephew) Micha.

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Deacon is at his AA support group talking about beating cancer. Juliette tries to do pre-natal yoga which provided some much needed comic relief to prepare us for the ick-factor of the next scene; Jeff just watching Maddie and Daphne singing AT SCHOOL when their dad walks in and doesn’t think twice about it. 

Highway 65 has about as many desks and employees as Ari Gold’s office, so apparently business is booming with some unknown singers I hope we meet in the future because all I want to hear/watch/feel on this show are two things; songs and Rayna and Deacon making out.

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Jeff Fordham’s freak out on his assistant. This is the woman who brings his breakfast in the morning so clearly she is not a producer or talent scout or any sort of hybrid role. She answers his phone, schedules his meetings, feeds him his food, and hands him CDs. So it’s completely reasonable to yell “Yes I know you idiot!” at her when she tells you when a VIP is scheduled to arrive. Also completely reasonable? To sneer “albums, not hits. But apparently you don’t know the difference” at her before throwing all the CDs on the floor in a temper tantrum state. Presumably for her to pick up later.


After being the world’s speediest doctor for delivering lab test results about being a donor match in 12 hours, Deacon’s doctor then puts his license in jeopardy the next day by betraying patient-confidentially. The doctor tells Scarlett that her mother was a match in the first round to be Deacon’s liver donor, when Beverly told them she was not. 

Instead of being mad at the incompetent doctor, Beverly is mad at Deacon for needing the help in the first place. She gives a good performance and makes a fair point, I just wish some of it was directed at the doctor. Maybe the threat of a lawsuit would get Deacon on the transplant list, or at least be in the vein of what someone on Nashville would do. Where’s the bad-girl version of Juliette when you need her? 

Oh and then Jeff follows through on blackmailing Teddy through signing Maddie to his label, which he set up several episodes ago. More on that below.

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  • “She (my ex-wife) feels strongly that you (our daughter) should wait – I don’t feel strongly about it but…” Mayor Sad-Dad winning another parent award.
  • “Hey Micha, here’s the newest iPhone – I mean, IF your grandparents say its okay. Would be a shame to have to take it away though, you’ve already lost so much. Like both your parents.” – Seriously Gunnar, how did you not clear this with Grandma first?
  • “Touch my caramels and ima cut a bitch.” – Cliché pregnant lady line! CHECK!
  • “I don’t think the people of Nashville would take too kindly to your salary being used to pay for sex.” I’m sorry Jeff, did you say salary or donations? If he earned that salary doing Mayor things, it’s for him to spend how he wants! #treatyoself

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. One star for Rayna’s hair, another for her finally paying attention to her kids this episode and singing that adorable song with them, and a third for keeping Tandy and Layla on the bench this go around. Minus a star for not giving Jeff one single redeemable quality and minus another star for Teddy’s spinelessness. I hope they give Teddy a plan to come back at Jeff with so he stops bending over for everyone like he’s done all series. 

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3 out of 5