Mayans MC Episode 7 Review: Cucaracha/K’uruch

Just as we suspected, this week we get a glimpse of the bigger picture on Mayans MC.

This Mayans MC review contains spoilers.

Mayans MC Episode 7

Adelita and her rebels are not fucking around. As the earlier episodes of Mayans suggest, they have a larger plan, one without so much of an end goal as a long-term idea. She is implementing a regime change in Mexico, her regime. And she has no problem using any tool at her disposal, including the despised Galindo cartel.

So Adelita is really Mitch McConnell, only for good? Is that possible? What a wonderful moral conundrum. Galindo already aspired to turn the family’s blood money to good use in the community. Or so he said. The fact that Emily seemed to believe it gave it the ring of truth. Which made him an ideal pawn in Adelita’s plan to use the cartel to help force high level social reform in Mexican politics. At least that is the idea she lays out to him when they finally meet, face to face, in that Mexican jail Adelita set him up to spend the night in. Better Galindo than one of his rivals.

The plan sounds good in theory. By leveraging her access to the cartel’s entire heroin production line, and therefore her ability to destroy said product, Adelita has a great deal of power over Galindo. But the idea that he will meekly follow her orders seems farfetched. Like his own community building, Adelita’s goals have the ring of truth; especially when she reveals her identity to her hated enemy. But let’s not forget that this sharp dressed preppy (Galindo, not Adelita) managed to (SPOILER) dick punch a dude twice his size and then break his neck with a silk shirt. Galindo may be the kind of asshole who wears a yellow rain coat to a torture session, but beneath all that fine Brooks Brothers gear is someone willing to go Rick Grimes on your ass.

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Still, Adelita may have a protector of equal measure in Angel; if the two were ever to go head to head. But while Angel thinks he is her confidant, her plans for the Reyes brothers may be much more sinister. At least they might have been before her meeting with Felipe.

Turns out Adelita knows damn well who Felipe really is, her father’s old beheading partner. Hey, remember those pictures of them beheading together? Did you ever think that looking at dismembered heads would get old? Well, it does. Honestly it got old when Angel was contemplating fellatio with one. After that seeing Felipe’s old pictures get trotted out every episode quickly got anti-climactic. Sure, the show is supposed to be violent, but judicious use of that violence prevents it from seeming gratuitous; forced. Which is exactly how Mayans has mis-stepped throughout the season.

At any rate, Adelita has long been under the assumption that Felipe was the one who ratted her father out to the cartel, causing her entire family to be slaughtered. He manages to convince her otherwise, implicating her benefactor the Bishop. But even with her apparent acceptance of that information, her entire relationship with Angel has been built on the narrative that his dad was directly responsible for the destruction of her family. Where does that leave him? Is he a pawn, had she been setting him up to eventually betray him to Galindo?

So many questions and still so many possibilities. Despite the pacing issues and heavy-handed bloodletting, giving the plot flexibility to stretch and reform around character development is still the most compelling aspect of the show. Well, that and the actors. And the political/cultural overtones. And the sexy time (if the producers can give us a naked Reyes brother for every dismembered head, this viewer will retract her complaint). Okay, there are a helluva lot of compelling aspects to the show. Just give the disembodied heads a rest.

Meanwhile, having Coco (SPOILER) drowning his nasty, prostitute mother in the tub for beating his daughter fit seamlessly into the story. Just a heads up, while she really was a piece of work, grandma did not actually beat Leti. She just tried to pimp her out for rent money. The speed with which Leti injured herself and ran back to Coco, knowing it would set him off was telling. And electric! She has the potential to sow real chaos into the story and this viewer is looking forward to the out of control crush she will likely develop on EZ.

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Well, her and agent Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), who returns to the Sutterverse, having last been seen in Season Four of Sons. Fans of the original may remember his botched investigation into the Galindo cartel, which he seems intent on revisiting. Weird and off-putting in his mannerisms, Potter seems too goofy to be a real threat but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; his dirty tactics did real damage to SAMCRO. The episode ends with Galindo, having just been released from the Mexican jail hours before and reunited with his family, back on his knees in the dirt, handcuffed and surrounded by DEA agents.

Sure, Potter may have rushed to make the arrest, but that only makes it more likely there are holes in his case. Holes EZ will be expected to fill (run, Emily, RUN!).

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3 out of 5