Mayans MC Episode 9 Review: Serpiente/Chikchan

It’s getting difficult to tell who the rat is and who is the serpent on the latest Mayans MC episode.

This Mayans MC review contains spoilers.

Mayans MC Episode 8

While there was a whole helluva lot going on this episode, the best scene, by far, was when Galindo called a meeting with the Mayans, which his wife was attending, and pointedly told Bishop that EZ could stay in the room while they talked business. What a big, swinging dick moment. If we have learned nothing else this season, it is that even though EZ is carrying a massive torch for Emily, she is completely dialed in to her family. And Galindo knows it. Emily is his ride or die.

And to be honest, with the exception of Felipe, Angel, and to a lesser extent Coco, the Galindos have stolen the show. With the exception of his flashbacks, his side gig as a body disposal unit, and occasionally tender interactions with other characters EZ’s only other major accomplishment this season is staring moodily into the middle distance. Any closure we were hoping for with regards to EZ avenging his mother’s death will likely have to wait until season two. Although it is a safe bet that the season finale will end on a cliff hanger of the hooded suspect’s face. And it is an even safer bet that it will be someone we recognize. 

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But those delicious revelations will have to wait until another day. This episode was all about finally getting to watch the serpent strike. And Potter is one chocolate milk guzzling serpent. With the Reyes brothers in jail for driving around with Coco’s dead mother in their trunk, they proved easy targets. Potter takes an obscene amount of pleasure blowing EZ’s cover and then forcing both brothers into working as his agents. Felipe was right, Angel landed on blood. As pissed as he was at his baby brother for the betrayal and at their father for being in on the secret, he managed to swallow the bitter pill. Awww! He’s EZ’s ride or die!

Although it’s Adelita he rushes off to warn that the DOJ has the rebels in their sights. But Adelita was already in the U.S., making long term deals with Galindo, who reveals the deal he made earlier with the Feds, and which he intends to betray with the help of the rebels. The Mayans, meanwhile, are charged with keeping the peace between the two. Yeah. Like that won’t go to shit super quick.

But the only one preaching moderation was Devante. Who, as it turned out, lied to Galindo about his brother being kidnapped and killed by rivals. HA! That was why Dita looked so damn guilty. Which lead us to the final rat of the evening, getting devoured by the serpent – Adelita (SPOILER) hacking off Devante’s head with a machete as it turns out he was the one who lead the execution squad that dispatched her family. And, as she gets her vengeance in the desert, her rebel agents make quick work of the treacherous Bishop that Felipe tried to warn.

What a way to wrap up so many loose ends before the season finale. Of course there are a few strands still left to resolve. The hit Potter puts out on Jimenez (although that dude will probably stroke out from nerves before anyone gets around to killing him). The mysterious figure responsible for the death of EZ’s mother. Angel’s betrayal of the club and romantic designs on Adelita. And the future trajectory of Emily’s training to become a Sith lord.

That’s a helluva lot of snakes. The only question is which ones will devour the others?

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4 out of 5