Mayans MC Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Rata/Ch’o

With so many secret betrayals, it is difficult to decide just who is king of the rats in this episode of Mayans MC.

This Mayans MC review contains spoilers.

Mayans MC Episode 8

Ah, betrayal. That most Shakespearean of plot devices. And at this point, just about everyone in Mayans MC needs to go wash their hands. Except, surprisingly, Galindo. Who has been fairly honest and on the level about his motivations. Thank god Danny Pino toned it down since the pilot, transforming what could have become a stereotypical corporate douche type cartoon villain into a nuanced character study. And my, my there is a lot to study these days. Who to partner with? Who to betray? 

Last episode, he was staring daggers at Adelita as she threw down the gauntlet and offered not only a truce, but a working relationship. This episode, ole creepy Agent Potter is offering the same; a working relationship with the Department of Justice with the intent to put down Adelita’s rebel “terrorists.” That would mean betrayal on a grand scale. In order to cinch the deal, Potter puts Emily on the spot, setting her up to have to betray her husband or risk losing her son for an indeterminate time while she was tied up fighting her own federal charges. But what Potter describes as “Solomon’s choice” is more likely than not to blow up in his face. After all the DEA or DOJ or whoever the fuck Potter works for is just maintaining the status quo and undermining the rebels. All of which would play right into Galindo’s hands.

And while Galindo sits around in Potter’s comfort zone (no, really), deciding whether he wants to get into bed with the government and suffer the same agita as his father, Felipe makes a betrayal of his own. Sort of. Repays a favor? Meh. Let’s call it betrayal. Instead of taking vengeance on his old friend the Bishop, who was responsible for getting their former partner and his family hacked to death, Felipe warns him about Adelita. Developing a moral compass can be a real bitch. Warning the Bishop potentially sets Adelita up to get killed, but Felipe is compelled to repay the debt he owes the man. It’s likely going to be that sort of nobility that gets some of the remaining Reyes family killed. 

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Well, maybe not Angel, who is pretty god damn canny. By throwing Riz under the bus he managed to deflect attention from Coco, and with minimal damage to his brother. However, Angel’s own reputation takes a pretty strong hit. 

But as Coco points out to EZ (while smoking a joint as they sit next to the body of his mother), mistakes aren’t mistakes. They are the decisions that bring us to where we actually are. All those dreams that EZ had about what his life should have been, were nothing but noise. How he ended up sitting on the floor next to a dead body is what really happened. That is some straight up kitchen sink style Buddhism. You don’t need to be meditating in a cave on a mountain in the Himalayans – you can be present right here. In your dead momma’s kitchen.

Or it’s denial. Like super toxic, need a psychiatric intervention type denial. That the consequences of our shitty judgment was inevitable. Which seems to ring true as the Reyes brothers get arrested after an ambitious local cop pulls them over for a busted taillight and an even more busted corpse leaking all over the trunk of their car.

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3 out of 5