Mayans MC Episode 6 Review: Gato/Mis

The best episode of Mayans MC so far!

This Mayans MC review contains spoilers.

Mayans MC Episode 6

Do you have daddy issues – then this is the episode for you!

Another episode with pitch perfect pacing and tension! There was something wonderful about the early seasons of Sons of Anarchy when the story did not so much unfold as unravel at a breakneck pace. Where the tension was terrible because that loss of control was a shared feeling. Mayans episode 6 takes us on some delicious hard lefts, and each of them feels like they lead you off a cliff.

There was very little interplay between the three main stories this episode, and each felt like a little vignette. At the Reyes family home, and for some reason that defies explanation, Felipe and his nephew Jimenez (who, you will recall is a fed) decide to bond over some old pictures of beheadings. Those pictures are getting a lot of mileage. Felipe explained that he escaped his violent past through an excess of “blood and money.” Meanwhile Jimenez drank himself to tears reminiscing about his alcoholic father. They share a sweet day together, talking about how fucked up they both are. Which seems deeply suspect to this viewer. Jimenez is a little too emotional for the situation. He perpetually looks on the verge of puking. Is he really that nervous around Felipe? Or is doing something that he expects will provoke his Uncle?

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Speaking of overblown emotional reactions, something is going on with Galindo’s mom, Dita. While Devante and Emily attribute her upset to Emily taking the unwomanly stance of assisting her husband in his cartel business, it looked like she was reacting to news about the rebels. Specifically news about the cartel closing in on them. Maybe Angel isn’t Adelita’s only agent on the inside. If you think about it, there are many reasons for Dita to be undermining her son. We know she never wanted this life for him. She could be trying to save her grandson from being obliged to follow the family legacy. Sure, it would be a strange play to put her grandson in jeopardy; unless she has some sort of tie to Adelita and knew all along that the rebels would never really hurt Cristobel. Either way, there would have to be a damn good reason for Momma Galindo to turn on her son.

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Her poor, poor son. You know, it is really hard to feel sympathy for a drug overlord, but this episode managed to do it. Watching Galindo walk toward the border, triumphant at last, with his son in his arms, you knew something was going to happen. Sniper fire, last minute shanking, something. But Galindo getting busted on the wrong side of the border for the heroin that was sewn into Cristobel’s blanket was a stroke of genius. Congratulations, you got to hold your son for five minutes, now watch as we put him into the Mexican foster care system. Good job rebels, that was a solid burn.

The rebels really do have their shit tied down. They knew the little boy with the cut hand was a spy for Galindo. They have some kind of weird extensive network (god only knows doing what) and Adelita finally confided in Angel that her mission was not in support of the orphans, but of “thousands”. Of course we still don’t know what the larger plan is, but we should be getting very nervous. Particularly since Adelita revealed that she is the daughter of Felipe’s old beheading partner. Angel doesn’t know any of that, but it makes you wonder if Adelita is aware of who Angel is and if she has plans for him as well as Galindo.

And while all of this is going on, can you believe that it was EZ and Coco who ended up having the shittiest day? Coco’s estranged daughter Leti rolls back into town covered in bruises, with the corpse of that truck driver in the trunk of the stolen car she’s driving. That escalated quickly.

Again, we watch as the plot just uncoils in front of the characters, and they struggle to keep pace. EZ takes the entire situation on the chin, trying to help Leti clean up her mess. Come to think of it, EZ ends of disposing of a body in just about every episode. He may need to rethink this prospect gig and take up mortuary science.

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The best part of the episode, though, was that as the insanity of the day was wrapping up, even in the relative calm of the last few moments, you were left with so much potential for violence. Whether it be Galindo sitting in jail plotting his next move or Bishop rolling out under the impression that Coco is canoodling with Adelita instead of trying to do what’s right for Leti. You get the impression that the last three episodes of the season are going to careen right off the edge of a cliff.

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5 out of 5