Manifest Season 4 Theories: What Is the Divine Consciousness?

How will Manifest conclude its fourth and final season? We have some ideas.

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Brianna Riccio + Gianna Riccio as Eden Stone and Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season
Photo: Netflix

This article contains Manifest season 4 spoilers.

Manifest, the canceled NBC series that was given a second chance at life by Netflix just dropped the first 10 episodes of its fourth and final season. Answers to long-held questions have been pouring in, many of which refer to a “divine consciousness” that provides an explanation for the prophetic callings that the characters experience, among other things. To say the fan favorite TV show took viewers on a whirlwind of a trip, hinting towards a final destination, would be an understatement.

As following on from the season three cliffhanger, where Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) was murdered by fellow 828-passenger Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor), we enter season four part one with a two-year time jump to find the Stone family still understandably shaken and ridden with grief. Ben (Josh Dallas) has isolated himself as he searches for his daughter Eden who has been kidnapped by Angelina. While Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) who is no longer a police officer is desperately trying to save the lifeboat before the passengers’ death date.

As some fans digest that season 4 part one ending and all the gifts the show revealed including the dragon scars and how the death date is for all of the world not just 828ers. Other fans have been anxiously anticipating the final ten episodes of Manifest and even started discussing the revelations that might appear at the end of season four. So we thought we’d discuss the top theories that tap into the overarching theme of divine consciousness.

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Cal is the Savior and Angelina the Fallen Angel

Cal Stone (Ty Doran) has survived death once again thanks to Zeke Landon’s (Matthew Long) sacrifice. We now know that Cal is a central figure in stopping Angelina as not only do they have a connection that is bordering on unhealthy but he was also able to destroy the Omega Sapphire. His resurrection and his journey throughout the four seasons of Manifest suggest that his path has religious meaning. Cal is like a Christ figure, all knowing (even if he can’t remember it all), and he was resurrected and came back older which means Angelina represents Satan or a fallen angel. Even her seat number on the plane 42D could be interpreted religiously. 4+2 equals 6 and in the Bible 6 often signifies imperfection particularly the imperfection of man and the sins and weaknesses they have.

Cal could also have another religious interpretation as the Archangel Gabriel. In season 4 when Cal comes back older, he is known as Gabriel to the outside world. We’re not told why he’s given that name but in Christianity the angel Gabriel is described as a guardian angel who protected Israel. If instead of Jesus he is reflecting Gabriel, Angelina could have been calling the wrong Stone child her guardian angel the whole time. Instead of Eden it should have been Cal. However it’s too late now as Cal is going to protect the world from Angelina. Like Cal, Gabriel anticipates prophecies and is a messenger. This could be a solid theory that Manifest could include especially as Zeke had healing powers to take away people’s pain and he also came back from allowing him to also reflect Jesus.

Cal Will Learn How to Channel the Dragon

Another theory is surrounding the dragon scar Cal gains in season 4 which seems to be another critical aspect in figuring out the mystery of Flight 828. In season 4, Henry Kim came to find Cal to pass on the knowledge he had, most importantly the dragon scar he had on his arm. Henry explained that his father said that the dragon symbolized resilience, energy, and potency in order to help him overcome the hardships he had to endure in his life.

As Cal absorbed both the dragon scar without being struck by lightning and the omega sapphire it could mean that the dragon symbolizes how Cal is supposed to channel it in order to pass the trial all the passengers need to take part in to save the world. After all Flight 828 seems to represent redemption and a second chance in humanity.

Michaela Might Be Pregnant With Zeke’s Child

Michaela has voiced multiple times this season that she doesn’t want kids but there is an argument to be made that this could be foreshadowing in the show. There’s nothing wrong with being kid free and we could totally see that for Michaela but when things are repeated more than once a season in Manifest there’s normally a reason why. Michaela having Zeke’s baby could be very much like Grace being pregnant with Eden.

The baby could be another piece to the puzzle as it would be the product of two parents who went through the divine consciousness and had callings. Some eagle-eyed fans have also noted that Michaela puts her hands near her stomach a few times this season which could suggest that her stress over the looming death date and then her devastation over Zeke prevented her from realizing she was pregnant before Zeke’s death. Also in an interview with TVLine producer Jeff Rake revealed that part two will pick up a few months after the ending of part one which is the perfect time to set up a pregnancy for Michaela.

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Passenger Sacrifice

The passengers are the main focus of the series so it would make sense that whatever is needed to be done to save the world would focus on a big sacrifice by one of them if not all of them – it is all connected after all. In the last two seasons the Stone family have been focused on beating the death date but what if it wasn’t about beating the death date at all. Instead it was necessary that they died to save the world from itself.

If this theory does come true it doesn’t necessarily mean the passengers would be dead, dead. As they could come back like Zeke did when he sacrificed himself by diving into the frozen lake to save Cal. Their sacrificial death could be a reset for the world or even send the 828ers back to their life before the plane crashed as a thank you for their sacrifice. 

All 10 episodes of Manifest season 4 part one are available to stream on Netflix now.