Is Bluey Really Ending? Why Fans Are Worried After “The Sign”

The final episode of Bluey season 3 left some viewers wondering if the episode “could be a possible finale” for the series.

Bluey and Bingo are super excited when Dad brings out Unicorse!
Photo: Disney+

This article contains spoilers for the end of Bluey season 3.

The longest Bluey episode ever premiered on Disney+ on April 14, leaving kids further enthralled with the Heeler family and parents reaching for their tissue boxes. “The Sign,” the season 3 finale of Bluey, was a whopping 28 minutes in length, more than triple the average seven-minute episode length for the animated series.

But “The Sign” brought more than just an extra-long Bluey episode: In it, Uncle Rad and Frisky got married in the Heeler family’s backyard, Aunt Brandy debuted a possible baby bump, and Bandit wrestled with the decision of whether or not to move his family to a new city, deciding in the episode’s emotional final moments not to go through with the move. With so many new beginnings and big decisions appearing in the episode, many parents started asking: Has Bluey come to an end?

Clint Gamache runs theme park and pop culture news site ThrillGeek and watches Bluey with his three kids, who range in age from 7 to 13. Gamache says he thinks it’s unlikely the show is over. “Bluey just gave us a lot more to go off of than it did wrapping things up,” he says. “So many questions are left unanswered, so I don’t think this is the end of the Heeler family.”

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Other parents, like Kayla Canada, who’s the mom of a 1 year old and works as a theatrical education director, think “The Sign” is an indicator of an end to Bluey.Bluey is our bedtime routine show, so we watch an episode every night as a family to unwind before we do books and bed,” she says. “I felt like ‘The Sign’ could be a possible finale because we saw a lot of storylines from season 3 wrapped up and a number of cute little callbacks to things that happened throughout the series.”

While Bluey show creators have kept quiet about whether or not “The Sign” signaled a series end, a BBC Studios representative told Den of Geek that fans will be among the first to know what’s next for the Heeler family. “Our promise to fans is that as soon as we have news to share, they’ll hear it from us first,” says a statement provided by the studio’s communications team. 

Mom Lauren Coyne, who’s husband serves in the U.S. military, says her family is familiar with the pressures of moving from place to place, so “The Sign” was especially relatable for her. “I think Bandit wanted to give his family a better life which he thought he would be able to do if they moved,” says Coyne, who watches Bluey with her 10-month-old daughter. “But, he realized their life was perfect the way it was and they had everything they needed.”

Coyne says the episode was so touching, it left her in tears. Still, she doesn’t think “The Sign” will be the last time we see the Heeler family in action. “I don’t think the series is coming to an end,” she says.

But why do adults seem to love Bluey just as much, if not more than their kids? Travel writer Eileen Cotter Wright, who happens to be team “I can’t imagine it’s the end,” says Bluey is one of the few shows her kids watch that she also enjoys. “Bluey is maybe not my first choice, but it’s so nice to have something that touches both me and my children that we can watch together and connect over,” Cotter Wright explains. “Bluey is wholesome, relatable, and a show I can trust with my kids wholeheartedly.”

The show also helps Cotter Wright connect with other moms and dads. “It’s just so nice to have something to talk about in common with other parents,” she said. “A lot of parents with young kids have sacrificed their own entertainment—it’s a lot harder to binge watch murder mysteries and long documentaries while chasing little ones around.”

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Only time will tell if “The Sign” was the last Bluey episode we’ll see. But one thing all parents can be certain of is that, as Calypso, Bluey’s teacher, says in the episode, “Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to, Bluey.”

All three seasons of Bluey are available to stream on Disney+ in the U.S. and U.K.