Intruders: Ave Verum Corpus Review

Will someone explain the rules that make up the world of the Intruders? Here's Gerri's review...

Last week on Intruders, Richard continued to kick ass, Jack and Amy realized that they were in desperate need of couples counseling (or in Amy’s case, a good exorcist), and Marcus continued to terrorize the Seattle suburbs as a nine year old girl. Seriously. A nine year old girl.

Episode four starts out with Marcus, asleep in the back seat of a car, dreaming of the time Maddy’s parents bought the beach house and she sat down at the piano, for the first time ever, and playing like a pro. His dreams got darker as he remembered the end of his past life, getting (what I assumed to be) buried alive. Which begs the question, exactly how long has Marcus been squatting like a toad inside Maddy’s brain? And what about Amy? She told Jack she had to become the person she was meant to be. Does this mean that people aren’t just invaded, but are born to be some sort of vessel?

According to Marcus’ book (which turns out to be “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased” after all), there are places in the world where crossing over is easier. Marcus is on the hunt for a specific building in Seattle, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it is a crossing over point. Again, confusing. If people don’t die, but are carried across through vibrations, why do they need specific buildings in which to do so?

Look, damn it, will someone please explain the rules that make up the world of the Intruders? Right now it comes off less creepy and mysterious, than just plain old confusing.

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At any rate, in his effort to find the building, Marcus takes the wheel and goes to visit Amy’s boss where he proceeds to make sexually explicit observations about dude’s prepubescent daughter. So Marcus is a pedophile stuck in the body of a nine year old girl? Sorry. Marcus/Maddy still aren’t threatening. Nice try tho. Anywho, he wants bossman to set up a meeting with Cranfield. But it ain’t gonna happen. Instead, bossman boots Marcus out of his office.

Meanwhile, Gary meets up with Jack and tells him about working for some “Richie Rich” boss, Joe Cranfield. Cranfield, being an eccentric millionaire, rather abruptly put his affairs in order, seeming to predict his imminent demise. In addition to taking care of his kids, he left ten million dollars to the elusive Bill Anderson, and put a building which would be familiar to Marcus, in trust. The same building Amy visited earlier when she claimed to be at home. One she just happens to be a trustee for.

Frustrated and wanting answers, Jack goes to the burned out remains of Bill Anderson’s house, and once there, gets a creepy call from an unknown number telling him to stay away. Undeterred, our wiry hero goes in and manages to get busted for trespassing. Gary bails him out, but not before some inept detective turns him on to Tim Truth.

Still determined to get answers, first he gets Gary to call Cranfield and ask about the Anderson money. But when the phone picks up, all they hear is some weird noise. Next, Jack talks Gary into taking him to Cranfield’s house, and finally, when the guard turns them away, they sneak in through the back woods. Apparently Gary is a real pushover, yeesh.

They arrive just in time to see Cranfield getting mummified by a team of people, including Richard and Amy. Amy, who once again does not appear to be herself, is waiting for the return of another intruder, a jazz musician who died in the roaring twenties.

Seeing his wife at Cranfield’s puts Jack completely out of sorts. He decides they need to stop dicking around and contact Anderson. He calls the Tim Truth pirate in a van radio, and reads off a simple encryption mean for Anderson. Too bad Richard also intercepts the message; and decodes it on the spot, while driving. How? Because he’s Richard, goddamnit.

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Anderson appears long enough to tell Jack that Cranfield was trying to pay him to stop building some kind of ghost machine, which facilitated contact through sound. They were getting right to the good stuff when Richard showed up and shot poor Anderson. Shot his ass right in the middle of a full restaurant. Why? Because he’s Richard, goddamnit.

And it turns out that the same mysterious caller who warned Jack away from the Anderson house, is pulling Richard’s string. Her name is Rose and she likes getting people killed, pulling power plays among the immortal, and calling men to nag them. FYI: Rose is Amy and Amy is Rose.

Good luck, Jack. You are going to need it!

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2.5 out of 5