Intruders: Bound review

There's so much strangeness in this episode of Intruders that we're not sure where to begin. Here's Gerri's review...

This Intruders review contains spoilers.

I have to say, despite what has been occasionally weak writing, John Simm and James Frain have been extremely enjoyable to watch in this series. Frain manages to be both dark and funny. And Simm can emote like a motherfucker. This episode was all about the Jack/Rose/Richard dynamic, which runs deeper than we first suspected. It looks like Amy (who Rose has managed to suppress completely) had some sort of relationship with Richard. The nature of that relationship, however, is still a mystery.

Unfortunately for Jack, his marriage is just about over. Rose filed for divorce, apparently killed their unborn baby some years back, and generously mummified the wee fetus and then buried it in the back yard so that the three of them (Jack/Amy/fetus) could be reunited in the next life. Um. Okay. Can I admit that it was just weird to type that?

Anyway, mummifying the fetus does not really makes sense since said fetus doesn’t have a trigger. And no one is going to shepherd Jack or Amy back into existence. Well, Amy might get mummified since she is shoehorned in with Rose. Is it just me or does it seem like there are an awful lot of hoops to jump through for immortality? Mummification, triggers, fighting your host for supremacy of their body.

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Going through that whole rigmarole has toughened Rose considerably. So much so, that she has no time for Jack’s shit. Aw, he wants his wife back? Wah wah wah. Rose tries to break it down for him, she knows life is hard. She has lived several lives. Maybe what Jack needs to do is stop throwing himself a pity party, get off the Gary paranoia train, and move on.

While he was trashing their house, looking for clues about his wife, he stumbled onto her box of triggers. Rose patiently tells him what lives they were from. Then tells him about how she generously mummified the fetus. Then she tells him to get bent and goes with Richard to resurrect the identity of her Jazz Age boyfriend.

Does Jack appreciate this generosity? No. All he can do is yell and swear and drink and insist that Rose is Amy and that she has gone crazy. And here is where the writing gets a little weak. Think about it. If your wife had been acting nuts, and then starts referring to herself in the third person, but the only thing you keep focusing on is that she wants a divorce? Jack’s reaction to his wife’s weird life changes are not as strong as they should be. Really, he should have had her carted off to the loony bin by now.

Anyway once Rose has broken Jack and left him to his man tears, she goes off with Richard to trigger jazz guy. Who is shoehorned into the body of a waiter at a Chinese restaurant. Interestingly, jazz guy does not seem too psyched to see Rose. Which is weird to me. I mean if you were living in a shitty apartment and Mira Sorvino showed up at your door in her designer duds and wanted to take you off to a better life, wouldn’t you be psyched? I would be and I didn’t even like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (although Mimic was my jam).

Meanwhile, Maddie’s parents finally show up to Marcus’ old house, discover the body of the owner, and call the detective who immediately assumes Marcus is back in serial killing action. Honestly, who wrote this? Who wrote a scene where a nine year old girl murders a full grown man? C’mon guys, you can take a nine year old.

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2 out of 5