Intruders Season Finale Review

Intruders preaches don't get over, get even. Season finale is not heavenly. Here is our review.

Here we are, at the end, where, apparently, there is no end. Sort of. Because it looks like there may be a heaven? Or maybe the end is just ambiguous. The Intruders first season finale is upon us and there are as many questions as there are answers. And the door for return has been left wide open.

Jack has taken his role as spurned spouse and decided to play it to the hilt. He has become the crazy ex that just can’t leave the ole wifey alone. Look, man, I know you loved Amy, but Amy has gone bye bye. Rose has been pretty clear about that.

No means no. Move on. Get over it.

Or, get even. Which is exactly what Jack does. In his last ditch effort to rescue Amy’s meatsack (if not her soul), he ventures into the bowels of the Qui Reverti building and sets the library of “9” notebooks (journals of past lives) on fire. Along the way he discovers Marcus trying to use his nine-year-old-girl muscles to take down a brick wall with a hammer. Jack obliges him and discovers the previous Marcus Fox’s body. As we learned in earlier episodes, Rose and company were completely fed up with Marcus’s shit. I mean, if you think about it, they were pretty tolerant. I don’t know about you, but my threshold for tolerating the company of an admitted pedophile and child murderer is pretty goddamn low.

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Rose had his ass walled up in the basement, not knowing that Richard would come by later and let Marcus imprint on a sand dollar. Because Richard is a dick, he didn’t put Marcus out of his misery; just let the old dude die in the wall anyway.

But I digress. It should come as a shock to no one that, ultimately, Marcus’s attempt to kill Rose is ineffectual. Much like Jack’s attempt to rescue his wife.

After all that running around (and with a guest appearance by Battlestar Galactica’s Lt. Gaeta), Jack, Marcus, Rose, and the Shepherds all manage to escape the fire. In fact, it looks like the only person who bit the dust was Gary.

Richard did try one last time to kill Marcus, in what was a very poorly shot action sequence. Seriously, there were some weird discrepancies in the length of the alley, the placement of the actors, the timing, etc. I am not sure what the hell happened there, but long story short, Marcus took a bullet. No worries, remember? There is no death. Instead, the souls of Marcus and Maddie duke it out in some kind of nature lover’s heaven. Maddie wins through the power of love between a parent and child.

No, really. Jesus, this show is a hot mess. Which is kind of a shame, because they have some worthwhile material. Instead of gratuitous mystery, they could be exploring the nature of human existence. But before they can do that, they need to get some shit straight about the rules of the “Intruders” universe. If the power of love could save the original souls of the meatsacks from being pushed into obscurity, then maybe that was something they could have explored earlier.

So what happens? Everyone (except Gary) lives. Marcus gets sent to hippie heaven. Rose’s jazz player (who is possibly the worst trumpet mime I have ever seen on TV) runs off. Richard recruits Jack into the Shepherds; which means his ability to see the secondary souls squatting in people’s bodies is going to come in handy if there is a second season. Tidy tie up? Not really. Possible second season?

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I think Glen Morgan is banking on the possibility. Hopefully a second season will focus on something other than the superficial.

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2 out of 5