Haven, William review

I knew Will would come back, but as a bad guy?

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way…into all sorts of Troubles in Haven. I KNEW he would show up again!

But before we get to that, what happened at the end of Episode 7 when we heard the gunshot? Did Lexie really shoot Nathan?

Nope. He’s alive, and Dwight is the one in trouble when he’s captured by the one who tried to get Lexie in the bar. Dwight is able to turn on his phone and transmit the convo to Lexie and Nathan.

Which leads them to … William, being held hostage. He doesn’t remember anything. Dwight tries to interrogate the little weird guy, who won’t give up the goods. He mentions Chief Hendrickson, who may be responsible for the recent killings. Lexie tries to talk Will into finding his true self, which he did for her in the beginning of the season. Weird.

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Duke asks Jennifer to try to get info out of the people from the barn, including why she has that connection in the first place. Nathan gets a little brutal with his prisoner when he threatens Audrey (Lexie), and plants a seed of jealousy in Nate’s head. And Jennifer starts seeing Duke in a new light…visualizing him making threats and showing moments of mental illness. Nathan shows the same signs when he sees Lexie with William. New Trouble, perhaps?

When Duke refuses to dig his brother out of the grave, Dwight zaps him … while Jennifer confronts Nathan, and confirms that there is a new Trouble affecting pretty much everyone … but how? When Lexie and William touch, there are literal sparks … is he her one true love?

The big guy prisoner escapes, looking for a box that could hold the key to all this nonsense. As for myself, I’ve had a few beers and I’m completely confused. Intrigued, but confused.

Will controls both the big guy who escaped, and the little creepy guy … while the three black dots from Duke, Dwight and Jennifer go flying back to the box … and Duke’s trouble may be gone, but he doesn’t feel “free.”

I was really hoping Will was a good guy. He was in the beginning, so what the hell happened? He used his own hand to create Troubles for people who had never had them. When Lexie asks why, he says he loves her and wants her back. The real Audrey/Lexie/Sarah, belongs with Will, or so he says…but when Nathan finds Lexie in the field alone, she grabs hold of him as if her life depended on it.

Final review: I knew Will would come back, but as a bad guy? Didn’t see that. So he’s causing the new Troubles. Great. And there’s more to Lexie than we know? Hopefully that will be explained at some point. At least the show is breaking formula a bit and taking things in a new direction. Only a few more episodes until we see what happens in the end.

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 Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars 

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3 out of 5