Haven: Bad Blood, Review

In tonight’s episode of Haven, someone’s Trouble is sucking the blood right out of the town’s residents. In the premiere, it was bodies frozen in glass. In the last episode, it was charred bodies...

If I were to have one complaint about Haven as a series, it would be that it adheres to a pretty predictable formula. The police investigate deaths that are caused by the Troubled, and it usually goes one of two ways:

1. The killer is violent and has no plans to stop, so they are identified, apprehended and/or killed by the authorities.

2. The killer is a sympathetic character, but the police have to step in and say, “Look, we understand you have issues but you need to get your Trouble under control because it’s making life suck for the rest of us.”

Since blood is being drained from the victims in this case, I’m leaning pretty heavily toward scenario number one.

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In the meantime, the main plot limps along. Now, suddenly, “Audrey” (reincarnated as Lexie) must kill her true love. Is it Nathan? Or is this a mother/son thing, and Lexie has to kill her son, serial killer James Cogan, who was conceived when she was Sarah Vernon? The Troubles were supposed to end when Audrey went into the barn, but they didn’t. So…who the hell is making up the rules here???

I know…it’s confusing. Stay with me.

Audrey’s “body” needs to be identified…and everyone is angry at…Nathan? What? It wasn’t his fault she tried to save the town…and now Lexie is trying to get a straight answer from stranger Will. And on top of that, Dwight and Nathan are dealing with blood drained bodies. Duke, although he has been in love with Audrey, is happy to connect with new arrival Jennifer. He’s also trying to get his half brother Wade to leave, since Wade has been keeping the bar open after hours.

And when Lexie leaves her bar for the night, she walks right back in. In the morning. Whooa, that’s some serious drinkers…

Duke ends up trapped in a room where blood is seeping through the outlets. And this is one of my biggest fears…blood seeping out of me until I die. Seriously. This is WIGGING ME OUT, MAN.


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So, Mike’s Trouble is blood attacking people and he doesn’t know how to stop it, so this turns into something like “The Raft.” We have a big blob going after people, only on land. And the Teagues brothers are called into ID Audrey’s body, maybe. Who knows, in this show?

Duke absorbs the blood to save Nathan (even though they kind of hate each other), and the effects are immediate. He’s able to pick heavyweight Dwight right up off the floor…WHOA! And Lexie slowly discovers that the things around her aren’t real.

But…WHAT AGAIN? Why did Audrey not go through the same thing Lexie is? All I know at this point is that Jennifer can hear what’s going on, but why and how?

Final review: Interesting. Jennifer hears Audrey’s voice saying she is trapped in a place she doesn’t belong. The “Trouble” ends up leaning toward scenario number two, but I’m still confused. The blood attacked Nathan because…? Am I missing something? What did Nathan have to do with….

*sigh* I give up.

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2.5 out of 5