Haven: When the Bough Breaks, review

Part one of the Haven Season 4 finale has arrived, along with our review...

“When the Bough Breaks” is part one of the two week season finale. Hard to believe that Haven season 4 has practically come and gone, and without a single appearance by James Cogan, Audrey’s son and a serial killer known as the Colorado Kid. I mean, the Stephen King novella was only the basis for the entire show…

Anyway, will we find out what happened to James and his wife Arla when they disappeared into the barn with Audrey? Is William going to provide answers, or did that whole story line go the way of the dinosaurs? And why did William send Lexie/Audrey back to Haven without accompanying her? How did HE get there? Please tell me this finale is not going to be as confusing as the last one.

People around Haven start dying after hearing an awful sound. William is stepping up his game trying to break Jennifer to keep her from sending him back to where he came from. But he shows up offering his help on solving the current Trouble. And why does Vince’s Guard tattoo fade in and out like the one inside Jennifer’s book?

Audrey and William gave people complementary Troubles. Ok, but…why? She finally confesses to Nathan about her deepening connection to William, even though Audrey doesn’t remember anything. Shortly after, ME Gloria shows up again (love her!) with some new information about the curse, and to beg Audrey to save her grandson, who causes people to die when he cries. Audrey holds him the next time he cries, and…the mom dies.

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Duke and Nathan duke (ha!) it out over whether or not Audrey should give people silence Troubles to counteract the sound Troubles. Audrey agrees to kill the baby until William says he will unleash holy hell all over Haven, killing random people left and right. Well, when faced with those choices…Audrey caves, because William “loves” her. But…why doesn’t she remember who he is, and why hasn’t he shown up in any of her other incarnations?

William sends Audrey off with a little black ball and a few instructions on how to give someone a silence Trouble. What happened to the pretty flower he offered a few episodes back? When Audrey fails, she gets six more black balls…great! More death and destruction to the town!

Jennifer and the Teagues brothers go to the “heart” of Haven, the lighthouse, with a massive Guard symbol underneath it. There needs to be a fourth person to send William back, and we have no idea who it will be. In the meantime, Audrey re-curses Duke so that he can kill the baby’s dad to…do…what?

Final review: Um, yeah, this is just as confusing as the end of Season 3, only this time there are TWO hours! I read a review of Syfy’s Defiance that said it was “incomprehensible,” but I found it much easier to follow than Haven. There are a LOT of holes here, and maybe Audrey will discover who she once was, but how long are viewers going to care? This show might be reaching just a tad too far at this point.

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2.5 out of 5