Haven: The Lighthouse, review

Haven season 4 has come to a close with "The Lighthouse" the second part of the season finale!

Looking back on Haven season four there are two important points so far: 1. Duke and Nathan have basically traded places, with Duke as hero to the town and Nathan as a disgrace, of sorts, and 2. The Colorado Kid (James Cogan, Audrey’s son) is…who, again? I didn’t include the William/Audrey relationship, only because we really don’t know what the hell that’s all about yet. Audrey has reincarnated so many times that she has forgotten her roots, which were not completely benevolent. I’m sure we will be kept hanging again, which will propel Haven into a fifth season, but has it strayed too far from its Stephen King origin to hold interest?

Audrey grants Duke his Trouble back, so that he can kill the cursed baby’s father. “As soon as we get rid of William, Audrey’s gonna be fine,” Nathan says, but Duke already knows that isn’t the case. The two really are connected somehow. And Duke really does kill Ben, ending his family’s curse. Four people born in other worlds are needed to stand in the lighthouse circle to send William back. Audrey remembers being Mara, her first incarnation, and wants to use it against William. If she’s supposed to kill her one true love to end the Troubles, but she and William suffer the same wounds…well, I don’t really see how this is going to work out well in the end.

Nathan gets subdued by William’s goons while Audrey tries to sweet talk William, and she’s able to stop them from beating Nathan to a pulp just by screaming at them and reducing them to those little black balls in a box. She’s sort of remembering who she is, but it doesn’t seem like enough for her to be completely convinced. And what is up with Duke coughing up blood and turning a whole lawn black? And just before Audrey gives Nathan a “new” Trouble, he knocks her on the head, knocking William out. Yes!

Dave Teagues admits he’s the fourth person who can send William away, but he is reluctant to open the celestial door that brought William there in the first place. And Duke is reluctant to send Jennifer in there too. Is this going to be like the barn all over again?

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Pretty much…the four chosen stand inside the emblem and a big hole opens up in the floor, with everyone trying to throw William in (but they can’t even though he’s handcuffed, really?). Dave Teagues ends up jumping in with Vince and Nathan trying to pull him out, and the whole thing just…looks…ridiculous. “Don’t do this to me,” William begs, but seriously? After the asshole he’s been? Audrey must be strong enough to resist this. Unfortunately, she’s not…Duke starts bleeding out of his eyes, Jennifer is dead, and Audrey asks, “Now, who is going to help me get William back?”

Final review: Whoa…okay. Not super confusing as I expected, but plenty of curveballs in the finale. I was a little disappointed to see Lexie/Audrey go back to her evil roots…she fought it all the way to the end, then turned. Not cool. Seems more like a gimmick to keep the series going rather than an actual dramatic turn. And yes, I am sad to see Jennifer die, but I was more surprised to see Duke fall for such a dippy girl. All in all, this season, and show, has gotten more ridiculous each episode.

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3 out of 5