First Young Justice Season 4 Details Revealed

The first details of Young Justice Season 4 include its new title... Young Justice: Phantoms.

As part of DC’s second day of wildly successful pandemic comic con replacement, Fandome, the cast of Young Justice got together for a live read of a radio episode and an exclusive reveal.

Young Justice: Phantoms is the title of Young Justice season 4. Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti confirmed the title at the end of a radio episode set between seasons three and four of the hit show. The radio play was written exclusively for Fandome, and brought together series regulars Jason Spisak (Forager and Kid Flash), Khary Payton (Aquaman, Black Manta and others), Stephanie Lemelin (Tigress and the computer), Nolan North (Superboy and the indiscriminate grunting of Monsieur Mallah), Denise Boutte (Rocket), Danica McKellar (Miss Martian) and Crispin Freeman (the various and sundry Roy Harper clones running around Young Justice).

The radio play has the gang meeting up for a small going away party for Superboy and Megan before they head off on their honeymoon, following their engagement in season three. Will Harper leaves his private security company guarding a Waynetech facility which immediately gets broken into by the Suicide Squad, in their first appearance since their Young Justice debut in the 15th episode of season three. They were there to steal what we later discover are the powdered remains of Matt Hagen, Clayface, who had made a face turn and was working security with the clan Harper. And they were there on Amanda Waller’s orders – to bring Hagen back so he could join the Squad. The heist gets broken up before the Squad could return to Belle Reve, and the episode ends with an ominous note about Waynetech facilities definitely not seeing two break ins in one night.

The radio play and the new title were all that was revealed about season four, though we do know the show is in production (often remotely, according to the producers). The radio play is billed as “Season 3.9 Episode 1,” which seems to imply there might be more audio-only interstitials on the way.

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And notably, the announcement of the subtitle for season four does not include where it will air, though it does say that the first three seasons are available on DC’s streaming service, DC Universe. While DC Universe was integral to the resurrection of the popular animated series, it appears that with HBO Max, it’s been made redundant as a movie and tv streamer, and Young Justice season 4 is likely headed there.