Every Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale Guest Star: Allison Janney, Greg Kinnear, and More

Don't know your Colonel Vindmans from your Mocha Joes? Here is a guide to all the guest stars of the Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale.

Larry David and Allison Janney on Curb Your Enthusiasm finale.
Photo: John Johnson | HBO

This article contains spoilers for the Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale.

As many fans predicted, the Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale concluded just like the much-maligned Seinfeld finale, with Larry David sent to jail for (petty) crimes against humanity. Granted, it wasn’t exactly like David-penned Seinfeld finale as, on Curb, Jerry Seinfeld’s chance encounter with a Joe Pesci lookalike leads to a jury nullification and mistrial, setting our cranky hero free once again.

Before that last minute Deus Ex Jerry, however, Curb Your Enthusiasm gets to indulge in the best part of the Seinfeld ending of yore by having many, many guest stars and other faces from the show’s past make appearances. From the prosecutor to the judge to all the witnesses that attest to Larry’s poor character, the Curb finale has many guest star roles to fill. Here’s how it fills them.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale Guest Stars

Larry David and Allison Janney in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Allison Janney as Cynthia

Would it really be a Curb Your Enthusiasm finale without yet another love interest for Larry’s best friend Richard Lewis? Stepping into the role of Cynthia is Allison Janney. The actress is the stuff of TV royalty with award-winning roles on shows like The West Wing and Mom. Of course, Cynthia doesn’t end up being the one for Richard but never fear: the actor’s real life wife, Joyce Lapinksy, guest starred in an episode earlier this season. Richard Lewis got the happy ending he deserved and now may he rest in peace.

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Greg Kinnear in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Greg Kinnear as Earl Mack

It doesn’t take a great prosecutor to convince a jury that Larry David sucks. But unfortunately Larry has to contend with a great prosecutor anyway in the form of Earl Mack. Actor Greg Kinnear has had a prolific, successful career on film and television. You may know him best for his roles in As Good As It Gets, Little Miss Sunshine, and You’ve Got Mail.

Dean Norris as Judge Whitaker

Dean Norris is undoubtedly best known for his career-making role as Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad. But he has a lot of other notable appearances under his belt too, as evidenced by the above colorful photo from TNT’s Claws.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is Jerry Seinfeld. You know this guy!

Witnesses in the Trial Against Larry David

Mocha Joe in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mocha Joe (Saverio Guerra)

Mocha Joe is one of Larry David’s most formidable foes. First introduced in season 10, Mocha Joe has all sort of petty rules at his coffeeshop that Larry cannot abide. So Larry does what any sane (and disgustingly rich) man would do: he builds a rival coffeeshop next door.

Mr. Takahashi in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Matsu Takahashi (Dana Lee)

As we’ve discussed previously, Mr. Takahashi is like the rule-abiding principal trying to keep Larry David’s unruly high school senior in line. As the proprietor of Larry David’s country club, Takahashi has a pretty deep understanding of just how challenging Larry can be.

Larry David and Colonel Vindman in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Colonel Alexander Vindman

Colonel Alexander Vindman is a real life whistleblower who testified before Congress that President Donald Trump attempted to block a military aid package to Ukraine in return for the country’s cooperation in maligning his domestic political rivals. This ultimately led to Trump’s first impeachment. Naturally, Vindman found himself in a similar situation on Curb, where he witnesses Larry’s own attempt to extort a city councilmember.

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Irma Kostroski (Tracey Ullman) in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Irma Kostroski (Tracey Ullman)

Irma Kostroski is the ultimate thorn in Larry’s side. Played by comedy legend Tracey Ullman, Irma was a city council member who Larry sought to woo to get a meddlesome law about private pools overturned. Instead all he got was Irma as a girlfriend for months on end as she recovered from her (Larry-assisted) alcoholism relapse.

Bruce Springsteen in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen a.k.a. The Boss is one of America’s most beloved musicians. That’s why his testimony that Larry knowingly gave him COVID is particularly devastating.

Jillian Bell in Impractical Jokers

Maureen (Jillian Bell)

Maureen provides perhaps the most devastating testimony at Larry’s trial, saying that she witnessed the man peeing on a painting of Jesus Christ in her home. Of course, it’s not exactly what it looked like! In season 7’s “The Bare Midriff” (the title of which applies to Maureen), Larry only pees on the painting because new medication makes his urine flow unpredictable and unwieldy. OK, maybe it’s exactly what it looks like then. Jillian Bell is a comedic actress of note who you may know best from her breakout role on Workaholics.

Tara Michaelson (Bailey Thompson)

Finally, one witness takes things all the way back to the near-beginning. A now adult Tara Michaelson testifies to the traumatic events she endured from Larry David in regards to her doll and an ill-fated hug. This refers to the classic season 2 installment “The Doll” and notably, actress Bailey Thompson reprises her role here as an adult.

All 12 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm are available to stream on Max now in the U.S.