Continuum, Second Skin, Review

The second season of Continuum keeps rolling on with some mind-bending moments in a satisfying episode.

Well, I have to admit, creator Simon Barry is delivering on his promise regarding changing alliances with season 2 of Continuum. We’re only four episodes in and I’m getting worried about how things are going to turn out for the key players: Kiera, Alec, and Sonia. And I don’t even like Sonia.Liber8’s new tactic is blowing up oil tankers owned by Ultragas, which, in Garza’s words, is “ripping off the people.” Kiera’s right in the middle of getting caught up on what’s happening when Alec lets her know there is another time traveler who has arrived in 2013. He’s kind of sort of helping Kiera track the person down, until he becomes a typical teenager and gets distracted by the pretty girl at the coffee shop he’s set up as his new headquarters. Figures.Most mind bending moment: Kiera finds out that there is a second suit, just like hers, and tracks it to a yard sale, but it’s been sold. The elderly lady it belonged to is…her CPS partner from 2077, but now she’s about eighty years old. Even stranger is the fact that the partner’s cute son is hitting on Kiera.It isn’t long before the second suit is discovered by both Sonia and Travis. It’s being worn as part of a sci-fi costume for a wedding (don’t ask). As soon as Alec turns on all the CMRs, it’s activated, and traceable. So…who’s going to get to it first?The wimpy dry cleaner who’s been wearing it is more badass than he seems. When all of the bad guys turn up first, he puts up one hell of a fight. Pretty soon, the guys are fighting! The girls are fighting! Everyone is shooting at each other until Kiera arrives, saving the dry cleaner before he gets killed. The suit doesn’t protect your head, after all.Kiera takes Carlos to meet Elena, only to find that she’s passed away, and was lucid in her last moments with her family (meaning, basically, that she faked having Alzheimer’s). Her last message to Kiera is to enjoy her life in 2013. Elena never got back to 2077, and I’m guessing Kiera won’t either, so she allows herself to break down a little in front of Carlos. This could be the beginning of a relationship I was expecting long before now, but things have been a little complicated.Final review: The best part of the episode was the character of Elena. She was tough as Kiera’s partner, and is a tough lady in her old age, barking orders for chocolate from her son because she’s “old and cranky.” Rex, the dry cleaner, seemed like just an aside at first, but became the big hero of the show when he faced down a group of hardcore terrorists and won. Is Kiera going to take her message to heart and enjoy the life she has now, without her husband and son? And what’s up with Agent Gardner hounding her all the time? He’s creepy.Den of Geek Rating: Four out of five stars.

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4 out of 5