Continuum: Second Truths, Review

Second Truths? What is a second truth? Perhaps the latest episode of Continuum's second season will answer that question. Or...maybe not.

What I want is for Kiera and Carlos to hook up. They can call that episode Second Base. Ahem…anyway… For now, Carlos is more of an obstacle than a love interest. He and Kiera are trying to hunt down a serial killer, with Kiera having knowledge about it from the future. And speaking of hooking up, Alec gets pretty close with his new flame, Emily, but they both have secrets that might, um, impair things. Still, he does agree to make dinner in his secret lab. Very mad scientist. He’s like a cute little Alton Brown. Kiera knows the pattern the serial killer is taking, and has to keep lying to Carlos about how she gets her knowledge. She can tell when people are lying, but at this point, it’s almost a disadvantage in 2013. The show has shifted from how she’s going to return home to how she’s going to explain that she’s from the future, and if/when she does…then what? Will she be exploited for her knowledge, or just written off as a raving looney? Even Kiera gets to see the lab, while Alec researches decame…decoma…whatever. Decomethonium? She connects the circle of murders to a bus route, and is correct in her assumption that something with melamine in it is used to suffocate the victims. When the suspect is arrested, Carlos grills Kiera relentlessly, even accusing her of being in on the plan and threatening to leave her as partner. When she suggests there is a second killer, she is forced to explain her knowledge to Carlos. How does she know there are thirty more murders? And THERE IT IS…she said she’s a time traveler! Holy crap! And Carlos thinks she’s completely nuts! Holy…well, that’s not so surprising. Kiera tracks down the accomplice, but is knocked out…at the same time Carlos is interrogating first suspect Eldredge at the station. She ends up captive, but how did that happen with all her tech? She didn’t see him behind her? Really? After fighting terrorists and kicking ass she gets taken down by some second rate serial killer? At least she’s able to talk him down, to an extent. She knows he was abused, and his partner was a child abuser. As her future supervisor said, she has the “gift for deductive reasoning.” She’s even able to get the perp to shoot himself with her weapon just before Carlos rescues her. I was all excited to see Alec and Emily having a mutual nerd connection, until she went to the lab, Kellogg arrived, and she said to someone, “I’m in.” Whoa…what is THAT? Alec is in trouble. If I had to guess, Liber8 is involved. Finally, Kiera confesses everything to Carlos. When she asks if he believes, he says the best line of the show: “If you eliminate the impossible, however improbable, it’s gotta be the truth.” Final review: I was starting to enjoy the nerd love between Alec and Emily, until the very end. She has to be a mole? Really? An interesting twist, but is nothing sacred? Glad to see that Carlos is trusting Kiera again. Of course, he was going to think she was nuts, but they have always had each other’s back. Kiera may have lied, but she has never betrayed. I have no idea where things are going at this point, but the show is intelligent enough to keep me intrigued. Den of Geek Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars


3.5 out of 5