Continuum: Second Wave, Review

The subplots have taken center stage again, which seems kind of strange considering that the show is nearing the end of the second season. Too many unanswered questions, hints, and allegations indicate that someone is probably going to pay very soon.

You thought Curtis Chen was dead? Well, sort of. He makes a surprise appearance in “Seconds.” Kiera finds out through Ark that Gardner has gone missing the last week. Julian needs to be added to the list, and Alec agrees, surprisingly, after seeing Kiera torture him…but hey…

Kellogg goes to talk to Sonia, and Lucas has a little hallucination. Maybe from all his pain pills? And by the way, Kiera nailed Garza with her awesome tech. The police chief actually gives Kiera authority to do what she needs to do, no camera, nothing. The problem is, Garza enjoys the pain. Kiera needs to think for herself, but Travis is looking for his partner. Alec is able to track him down, bringing Travis to his knees…but Kiera gets distracted by an unruly mob. In the mob? The body snatchers. And…Travis can hear Kiera?  NOT GOOD. And since when does Travis have a CMR?

Let me tell you something:  I thought about last week’s episode for DAYS. It haunted me to the point that I told my husband he HAD TO WATCH IT, because he knows that very few television shows disturb me to that point. Yes, Kiera let Julian live…but what will be the real results in the future?

So Garza kicks the shit out of the prison guard. Alec gets approached by Escher, and Emily pretends not to know him? And Kellogg is observing? And when Escher confronts Emily…sorry, but she’s going to end up dead. Not tonight, but surely before season’s end. 

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Final review: So, we’re back to the subplots…Emily, Garza, etc. Even Curtis Chen and Lucas’s pill addiction. Yes, Julian let Kiera go… but why exactly, when we know what happens? Carlos can’t help be concerned with Garza’s abduction, since she escaped from prison. This goes back to the ambiguity of the first few episodes. It’s ok, and interesting, but not the best of the episodes so far.

Den of Geek Rating:  Three out of Five stars.

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3 out of 5