Continuum, Second Opinions, Review

Season 2, Episode 5 of SyFy's Continuum isn't the best episode of the series. But at least we finally learned who the mole is...

Kiera’s about to have a meltdown in the latest episode of Continuum. Well, wouldn’t anyone, after traveling 65 years into the past and losing their family with no prospect of returning to their home time while battling a terrorist group and fighting for some toilet paper in the ladies’ room? Yeah. That’s what I thought.The search goes on for the mysterious Mr. Escher. Not the artist…I’m pretty sure he’s dead by now. Anyway, Kiera dodges questions about her son from partner Carlos. Kellogg, in the meantime, is still wooing Alec into becoming a business partner…and succeeds. Alec is going to have everything he needs…a tech geek’s dream!Unfortunately, Kiera is not faring as well. Her son’s birthday has thrown everything off, making her cross with Carlos’s secretary Betty and, well, pretty much everyone else. A new inspector gets installed, much to Kiera’s chagrin, while Jason gets in touch with Alec. Who is not listening to Kiera during her meeting with new Inspector Harris. Agent Gardner shows up with more questions, and Kiera manages to hold up resistance, but her records show no family information…so Gardner accuses her of having fantasies, and, well, she kind of goes ballistic. Which lands her into psychiatric care.So, right now I’m wishing Kiera had asked her partner Elena how she dealt with the jump to the past. How did that not come up in the last episode?Carlos keeps defending Kiera…which I love. He has always defended her, but at this point I’m wondering how much he is going to be broken down as much as she is. Especially during her conversation between her, Alec, and her psychiatrist. It does NOT go down well. Alec created the doctor, but has no control over him in 2013. Well, come on…the psychiatrist is a hologram, basically. Does it really care?Even though Kiera is considered a mole, it turns out that Betty is equally to blame, having been to an early Liber8 meeting. “Back when it was a grass roots thing,” she says. Yeah…that’s how all those terrorists start out. Just kidding!When Kiera gets a chance to talk to her “son” via holograph, she is completely honest and emotional, but it’s obviously a ploy. However, when she says she will do whatever it takes, the psychiatrist is deactivated.Really? It was that easy? I wish it was that easy when I was hospitalized in Jersey and…Well, anyway…Betty’s trail is erased by a virus by Liber8 to erase her intentions. She ends up being redeemed while Alec reconnects with his…dad? Jason?And Betty is the mole? I just lost a bet with my husband. Dammit.Final review: Definitely not a favorite episode. Not because of what happened, it just seemed like it was trying to be emotional but fell flat. Yes, Kiera misses her son. Yes, she is emotionally unstable, but this? What? Fake psychiatrist? I’m not buying it. And Kiera didn’t either. Liber8 was not involved at all, so…where do they stand?Den of Geek Rating: 2 out of 5  stars.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


2 out of 5