Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4: Ending Explained

We take a deep dive into the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina finale.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This Chilling Adventures of Sabrina article contains MAJOR spoilers for the series’ ending. Obviously.

We bid farewell to Greendale (for now at least?) and explore what it all means.

This Chilling Adventures of Sabrina article contains nothing but spoilers. We have a spoiler-free review right here if you prefer.

As the credits rolled on the final chapter of the saga of Sabrina Spellman, she had given her life to protect all of existence itself. A noble death to be sure, but one that is steeped in permanence.

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Or is it? For “The Sweet Hereafter” shares a more than passing resemblance to the nothingness aesthetic of “The Void,” giving the writers a potential loophole to exploit should this series somehow (hopefully) be resurrected. But as it stands now, Sabrinas Spellman and Morningstar died heroically — leaving behind loved ones, friends, and a universe that will never know how close it came to falling victim to the Eldritch Terrors.

As upsetting as it is to not have Sabrina reunited with all of those she left behind in Greendale, she is not alone. Nick Scratch completely redeemed his character (if you remember, he was initially a pawn of Satan) and proved that he loved Sabrina so much that he made the ultimate sacrifice for her. Despondent over her death, he drowned himself in the Sea of Sorrows with hopes of being reunited for all eternity with his true love. It sure seemed like Sabrina was having a chill time in the afterlife, reading and being surrounded by tranquil artworks. Now that she is back with Nick though, infinity will be a lot more bearable.

While Sabrina and Nick’s ending is bittersweet, their love remains an inspiration, and is the closest thing to a happy ending that we could have probably hoped for. The future also remains bright for many of our other supporting characters…

Zelda will remain dedicated to running the Academy of Unseen Arts, continuing to grow the coven in their worship of Hecate. She is still nursing a wounded heart from losing Marie La Fleur (whose true identity was one of the season’s biggest twists). But Zelda has proven time and time again that she is stronger and more independent that she realizes, and a witch’s life is very long so she will have plenty of time to love again. Besides, she has a means to contact Marie from the underworld should she ever need to.

Hilda Spellman will continue to support her sister, while enjoying newlywed life with Dr. Cerberus. (Perhaps they will forge ahead with their performance of Sweeney Todd that was promised in the third season). Hilda is the most reliable and level-headed character in this show, and not even the Eldritch Terrors could change that.

Ambrose will continue to pursue his studies, both independently and working with Zelda at the Academy of the Unseen Arts. It remains ambiguous as to what his future will be, but I’d like to think he’ll make Salem his new familiar.

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As we last see her, Prudence is dismembering Father Blackwood, determined to put an end to his evil once and for all by placing his body parts across the globe so that they can never be reassembled again. Now that Agatha has her mind back, it is likely that Prudence will enlist her sister’s help in this task.

Although she is reeling from sacrificing Adam, Lilith has gotten bloody revenge against Lucifer. As a result, she rules over hell as its rightful Queen. Back on Earth, Mary Wardwell continues to teach the gospel of Father Blackwood/Lovecraft — proving herself to be the series’ biggest lost soul, manipulated by supernatural forces beyond her control whom have taken everything from her.

This leaves us with the fate of Sabrina’s friends. Harvey and Roz will continue their relationship, with the latter likely devoting more time to understanding the full power of her supernatural activities. Likewise, Theo and Robin will also mourn their friend while devoting their lives to their community and each other.

As Chilling Adventures of Sabrina wraps up, the series largely has a definitive ending that speaks for itself. There are several plot threads that could be tugged on to restart the show, but for now it seems like the saga has come to a close. But never write off a good witch, something tells me that we’ll see Sabrina again. Until then, let’s be thankful for a series that was, to embrace a cliche, utterly spellbinding.