Broad City Season 5 Episode 2 Review: SheWork and Shit Bucket

Abbi and Ilana go full business bitch in the latest episode of Broad City.

After accidentally touring a communal workspace called YouWork, Ilana gets inspired to create a business of her own from the two things New York City has in abundance: smokers and trash. SheWork becomes Ilana’s new venture where smokers aren’t discriminated against. But while Ilana’s on her journey to do what men do everyday “take something that already exists, claim it was their idea, throw in some fancy furniture, and charge double for it,” Abbi is dealing with something little less glamorous.

Abbi learns that she can’t flush toilet paper down her own toilet and is told to instead invest in a shit bucket, just a regular Tuesday in Big Apple living. Our weary renter returns to her mecca, Bed, Bath & Beyond, to be initiated into the group of overpaying tenants with temperamental toilets, but after purchasing her BM Bucket, Abbi gets inspired by Ilana’s mogul spirit and decides to rally the tenants of her building to demand change and end the shit bucket once and for all. But of course, she’s only taken seriously after her neighbors realize she’s “connected” to Jeremy (if you remember season 2, episode 4 “Knockoffs”).

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This is Broad City though, so at the end of the day, neither Abbi or Ilana’s ventures work out. Ilana takes a lowball offer from the YouWork bros to close SheWork (who then steal her idea), and Abbi is facing down the barrel of even more expensive rent for herself and for her neighbors (there might be a move in Abbi’s future, stay tuned). But despite the fact it didn’t work out in the end, as always we learned some very valuable lessons along the way.

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This week Abbi and Ilana teach us how to get what’s yours … if you weren’t born a man:

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

Those of us not born as a cis male don’t get that fancy furniture desperately needed for business ventures thrown out our feet. Instead, we have to have an eye for the perfect trash heap. The streets of New York City are paved with broken dreams and also lots trash. The right eyes can furnish an entire apartment with just one sweep around any three-block radius—  you just have to be able to spot it.

Six degrees of any man

If you’re a woman who needs something from someone, how is that person going to know they can trust you if you’re not connected to a man with a trusting face? If you’re not sure whether you have anyone in common, just start naming dudebros, you’ll find one.

Never sit on your chair the proper way

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Do I know why men insist on turning their chairs around and drape their legs over the side? No, of course I don’t. But it works for them. 


The wage gap is a real thing, don’t at me, but what you might not know that some of that has to do with the fact that women are not always comfortable asking for more. Well, no more. Ilana negotiates for more money not once, but twice in this episode. So, seriously, take that note.

Always be a “badass [activated] woman.”

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4 out of 5