Broad City: Wisdom Teeth Review

Abbi gets her wisdom teeth taken out, and everything crumbles apart in a particularly hazy episode of Broad City.

Broad City delivers what is probably their strongest episode of the season. While that might not mean much with it only being three episodes in, they’ve also been a very strong three. This one particularly shines largely due to the direction of John Lee (Wonder Showzen, Delocated, The Heart, She Holler) who perfectly captures some of the more fantastical segments of this episode, most of which involve a super-sized version of Abbi’s stuffed animal.

Summary for the Stoned:

Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed (in a nice incorporation of Lincoln actually doing his job), which largely relegates Ilana to the babysitter role for the episode. As one might expect, Ilana throws caution and Vicodin to the wind and things get particularly out of hand.

Best Abbi Moment:

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This episode is really Abbi’s time to shine, and there are many moments here that would be standouts on their own in any other episode. Abbi’s fake laundry argument on the phone is really wonderful for its sprawling, progressively hole-digging nature. Ilana’s makeup job on Abbi is fantastic, as is Abbi’s Vicodin motivated romp around New York with a blown up version of her stuffed animal that feels right out of Wonder Showzen. Even smaller moments like Abbi hurling her groceries at an innocent bystander’s ankle hit hard.

Her drug-fueled Drew Barrymore impression, and particularly the tone shifting blood that follows is what had me laughing hardest from the episode though.

Best Ilana Moment:

It’s one of the first things we see in the episode, but every single one of Ilana’s nude model poses (especially the teeth heavy ones) are pretty spectacular.

420 Takeaway:

It likely isn’t news to anyone that Ilana probably shouldn’t be left in charge of a situation that involves rationing drugs out. While things get considerably out of hand for Abbi, there’s something to be said for her actually getting a date with Jeremy out of all of it in the end. Now, she just has to make sure not to ruin that.

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A Broad Selection of Other Random Moments:

  • It’s nice to see the return of Jeremy, the hot neighbor, as this also means the return of ultra-awkward Abbi, which is the best Abbi.
  • “I love Jimmy Fallon. I have my own makeup line.”
  • “Would you rather lick a dead man’s penis or have sex with the same person for the rest of your life?”
  • The delicious B-plot in which we try to figure out what flavor of ice cream Abbi is.
  • “That’ll be $1487.56.” 



4 out of 5