Broad City: Mochalatta Chills Review

Ilana struggles with being forced to do work at work as Abbi struggles for freedom from Bevers in another promising episode...

After a promising return in their premiere, Broad City hunkers down, using Abbi and Ilana’s jobs as the comedic mines this week. The results are just as satisfying, with a particularly satisfying story for John Gemberling’s Bevers. 

Summary for the Stoned:

With Ilana’s boss needing to step out from work, she winds up being put in charge, learning that she’s a pretty competent boss in the process. Meanwhile, as soon as Abbi gets promoted to trainer at Soulstice, her win is tainted when she learns her client is Bevers of all people. 

Best Abbi Moment:

By far Abbi’s naked music video-esque moment in the apartment as she lets loose when she finally has some peace and fucking quiet.

Best Ilana Moment:

Watching Ilana—or rather, Ms. Wexler–trying to work and be productive while on the job is deeply entertaining and almost more disastrous than if she wasn’t doing any work. Instead she frits the day away on viewmasters loaded with pictures of dinosaurs and asking for answers to questions that were never posed. The most satisfying of all of this is when she learns they work off of commission and she goes all Glengarry Glen Ross as she spouts empty phrases at everyone that end up motivating them anyway. The camerawork even feels like it’s out of a Mamet or Sorkin production.

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And while a much smaller moment, seeing Ilana surprisingly focus on the positive aspect of Abbi’s promotion training Bevers is touching and a nice moment between these friends.

420 Takeaway:

In the end, the status quo is maintained with some pretty unremarkable, albeit fine, resolutions to all of this. We get no fall out from Ilana mucking around while in charge, or any indication of what’s going on with Abbi. It almost doesn’t matter though. You’re just happy to have this all making you laugh, and ending with Abbi and Ilana together, like it should.

Because we’re all out on the edge of glory, waiting for the moment to come.

A Broad Selection of Other Random Moments:

  • Bevers and his near useless grabbing device is a nice monument to laziness
  • Bevers’ bed sore is truly disgusting, upsetting stuff and some crude attention to detail for a joke. I love that it’s briefly shown and then never again addressed. It’s just part of him.
  • To see what Ilana’s boss is actually busy with is really satisfying and fantastic. It’s perfect material for Gethard too, the Razor scooter riding pencil dick.
  • “It’s still a mess down in Haiti.” “….I know it is…”
  • “Today is a ta-chinga!”
  • “You guys know each other? You two boyfriend/girlfriend?”


3.5 out of 5