Broad City: In Heat Review

The incorrigible Abbi and Ilana are back and haven’t seemed to miss a beat with a sharp return.

I think Broad City surprised a lot of the uninitiated last year with how quickly it found its rhythm and the natural flow of absurdism that Abbi and Ilana handled so effortlessly. It’s nice to see that absolutely nothing has changed this time around, and the show is the same old lazy creature that we slowly fell in love with, and boy is it nice to have it back.

Summary for the Stoned:

In a very simple, low stakes premiere, Abbi and Ilana are both immersed in shopping, with Ilana needing to find a belated birthday gift for Lincoln (Hannibal Buress, who’s slowly taking over the world), and Abbi needing an air conditioner like yesterday.

Best Abbi Moment:

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Without a doubt Abbi’s crowning moment here is her elaborate handshakes with the employees at the Bed, Bath & Beyond that her and Ilana go to. It’s kind of beautiful to see Abbi have this near-celebrity status here—finally fitting in somewhere—as Ilana just watches perplexed, making it all the better.

Best Ilana Moment:

Ilana running through the highlights of the Colin Farrell sex tape (8:58 in particular bear fruits) is really wonderful, especially as not only Abbi, but random passerbys seem to want to be taking notes.

420 Takeaway:

Everything works out in a satisfying manner here. It’s not the most brilliant ending, but it definitely doesn’t show its hand and has you going pretty much right up until the end. They’re looking for those gifts right up until the deadline.

A Broad Selection of Other Random Moments:

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  • The show really does a wonderful job at illustrating the horrors of navigating through New York’s subway at times. The two encounter a family eating a giant sandwich, a girl with maced eyes, and a car filled with rabbis among other things as they run through the gamut of subway possibilities in this labyrinthine segment
  • Creole catcalling is a thing, and it can hurt
  • Just taking a second to acknowledge that Seth Rogen was in this episode as Abbi’s sweat-beleaguered boyfriend. There’s that season two cred.
  • Al dente dentist
  • “Maybe he wants an avocado for his birthday. Or a bag of avocados.”


3.5 out of 5