Broad City Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Twaining Day

Broad City returns to its proper timeline in the new episode for a delightfully twain-y episode. Yaaas, indeed.

This Broad City review contains spoilers.

Broad City Season 4 Episode 2

After a trip back in time in the Broad City season 4 premiere, this week we return to real-time and find out what’s up with our two favorite gal pals in guest-star heavy episode 2, “Twaining Day.” Abbi has herself a new job working as an assistant for Dara (Wanda Sykes) while Ilana snags herself a waitress gig under Marcel (Ru Paul).

After the Trey incident, Abbi lies about winning Powerball and quits Soulstice. But when a package accidentally gets delivered there, Abbi must brave the storm of Khiel’s-scented air, sweat and spandex. What was supposedly be a quick and stealthy retrieval mission turns out to be Abbi’s path down a road of self-improvement. After years of lying about training Shania Twain, Abbi finally gets her chance to make it a reality, with the help of Trey.

Meanwhile, Ilana is having her own inner struggle when the hoity-toity Marcel wants her to be a bitchy waitress. Thankfully, with a little help from her oracle aluminum foil ball(?), Ilana decides to say yasss kween to be true to herself and start brining people back up again, not tearing them down.

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This week’s episode was all about leaning in to who you are on a path of self-discovery and improvement.  So it would only be wise to head the advice of our sage duo and learn some tips about how to take the path to the best you!


This week Abbi and Ilana volunteer to escort women past protesters into the women’s clinic, showing us that you can do good work while also smoking weed and planning a new hairstyle. If you do good, you’ll feel good! Unless you’re a sadist or a masochist, or a sociopath… I always mess up my terms. Also folks, remember what Abbi and Ilana taught us: volunteering is totally customizable!

Own Your Witchiness

Why not? According to Ilana, “Witchin is fucking hot, dawg.” So embrace the witchiness. And if you think that aspect is missing from your life, and you are desperately searching for ways to infuse it more into your lifestyle, remember that grown out bangs, “quads, long nails, short nails, soups…” all witchy. Oh, and flutes! 

Have A Designated Friend to Pick Up Packages At Every Job You Ever Left

It sounds like overkill, but you never know when that lifetime supply of Plan B is going to show up at the Starbucks you used to work at, and since you let it be known that every shaken tea is actually just made of Sour Patch Kids-infused Kool Aid, you can’t show your face there ever again. It’s always helpful to have a buddy in these situations, preferably one with no gainful employment, or just any Freelancer aka millennial.

Find Shania Twain ASAP

Duh. If you are ever having a crisis of self, the best thing to do is seek out the Queen of County Pop herself.  She’ll be by your side Forever and for Always. If you need to keep you man in check, she’ll have the Waiter Bring [You] Water. If you are feeling down, she’ll lift your spirits Up! Shania always knows what to do. Let her be your guide. Ka-Ching!


The best way to feel better about yourself and be the best you is to have all your finances in order. Confidence is not made digging for coins in the dirty couch your roommate left behind.  Money tight these days? Well take a word from Ilana’s playbook. Steal toiletries from your one-night stand and cut a bakes potato in half so it’s a “lunch potato and a dinner potato.” Plus, you never know, the aluminum foil keep that potato warm could end up being the key to your success through your self-improvement journey.

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Do You

This is the most important bit of advice that Abbi and Ilana continue to share with us. You can only reach the top if you stay true to who you are. Realize when you’re doing something wrong and be better. But own your quirks, your hair, your libido, your shortcoming and your shortness!

If you want to win at life, then follow these general rules to help you on your way. Or at least if you want to be more like Abbi and Ilana, which sounds like a win to this gal. Good luck down your path of self-discovery and enlightenment. I don’t want to here about it.


3 out of 5