Below Deck Season 11 Episode 7: Captain Kerry Has to Do Something About Jared

Captain Kerry is closer than ever to firing Bosun Jared Woodin on the latest episode of Below Deck season 11.

Jared Woodin in Below Deck Season 11
Photo: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

This Below Deck article contains spoilers.

We called it a few weeks ago: Jared Woodin is likely to be the first crew member fired from Below Deck season 11. Now, going into episode 7, the deck, if you’ll forgive the pun, really seems stacked against the Bosun of the M/Y St. David…

Not only has Jared’s personal life gotten in the way of his work — he still hasn’t been able to call his daughter while in the Caribbean — but he’s also made quite a few mistakes throughout, and Captain Kerry Titheradge has been keeping count. From letting the anchor go too early to bungling dockings to showing up hungover for work, Jared hasn’t exactly proved that he’s the right person to lead the deck team. Lead deckhand Ben Willoughby, who’s been constantly frustrated with the way his manager does things on deck, would certainly agree.

Now, Captain Kerry seems to be on the same page in a sneak peek for episode 7: “I’m quickly running out of options with Jared. He’s made quite a few fuck ups,” he says in the clip. “End of the day, my primary responsibility is the safety of the vessel and the crew. And this guy is really creating a problem for me.”

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Jared’s aggressive behavior at the end of episode 6 seems to be the last straw for Captain Kerry. If you recall, the Bosun lost his shit on deckhand Kyle Stillie for spilling some tobacco on the deck. Jared became more aggressive and threatening as the reprimand went on, at one point slamming a tobacco pouch on Kyle’s chest. It was a stronger reaction than a little mess next to the hot tub required and it’s very clear alcohol was to blame. Not for the first time, Jared drank too much during a crew night out and the captain took notice. This time, Jared’s angry rant at Kyle woke a very unhappy Captain Kerry up in the middle of the night.

Kyle, for his part, tried to de-escalate the situation, despite how disrespectful Jared was being toward him. No manager should talk to a report the way Jared talked to Kyle (again, OVER SOME SPILLED TOBACCO) and the captain isn’t having it, either.

In the episode 7 clip, Captain Kerry chats with both Kyle and stew Barbie Pascual, who witnessed Jared’s tirade. Kyle makes it clear he doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus when the captain asks him if he felt Jared’s behavior had to do with alcohol, but Barbie has no problem blaming it on the alcohol as well as Jared’s personal feelings toward her. She says Jared’s anger toward Kyle may have been due to the deckhand hanging out in Barbie’s room. Jared has been trying (poorly) to woo Barbie throughout the charter season, and Barbie suggests that seeing Kyle go to her room to watch a movie made him jealous. (We’re not really sure that’s the explanation, but we all know Barbie is a bit self-centered, don’t we?)

More damning, Kyle answers in the affirmative when Captain Kerry asks if the deckhand felt threatened by Jared’s behavior: “He was angrier than what he needed to be,” Kyle says, explaining that he felt Jared’s approach was demeaning.

So, a bosun who is not exactly amazing at his job, whose head is not in the game, and who other crew members now feel threatened by. If Captain Kerry was struggling with what to do about Jared’s performance so far this season, it seems like Jared just made the decision a bit easier for the captain.

Below Deck airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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