Sydney Sweeney and Simona Tabasco Have Thoughts About a White Lotus Reunion Season

Exclusive: Sydney Sweeney and Simona Tabasco's plan for a "Lotus family" group chat might be the key to making a White Lotus all-star season a reality.

Alvaro Morte, Sydney Sweeney, Sadie Soverall, and Simona Tabasco promoting Immaculate at Den of Geek studio in SXSW 2024.
Photo: Nick Morgulis for Den of Geek

HBO’s The White Lotus may be an anthology, but that doesn’t mean we’re done seeing characters from past seasons. Jennifer Coolidge returned as Tanya McQuoid in season 2 after becoming a fan favorite in the show’s first season. And now Natasha Rothwell, who played White Lotus staff member and wellness guru Belinda Lindsey alongside Coolidge in season 1, is set to come back for the show’s upcoming third season.

With the announcement of Rothwell’s return, it was revealed by HBO and Max content chairman and CEO Casey Bloys that creator Mike White plans to bring at least one character back each season. This means that any character lucky enough to survive their time at the White Lotus could come back in the future. While one returning cast member per season doesn’t necessarily equate to the all-star super season that fans have been dreaming of, that doesn’t mean the possibility for such a season isn’t there.

While chatting with Sydney Sweeney and Simona Tabasco about their film Immaculate at SXSW, the actors told Den of Geek that they’re open to returning to The White Lotus.

“I mean I love my White Lotus family,” Sweeney says. “One of the producers on this film, Dave Bernad, also produced White Lotus, and I think it’d be a lot of fun.” 

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Tabasco agrees with Sweeney, saying: “Yeah, we were thinking about starting a chat of the White Lotus season 1, season 2, and maybe season 3, so we can stay in touch as a Lotus family.”

While this doesn’t set anything in stone, a group chat among White Lotus alums certainly makes the prospect of an all-star season all the more promising. 

Though their characters come from different backgrounds, it’s not hard to imagine Cassie Mossbacher (Sweeney) and Lucia Greco (Tabasco) becoming fast friends. Their love for the finer things in life is definitely something they would bond over, but they would also likely be using each other for different reasons. It’s possible that Lucia would befriend Cassie for her family’s money, and likewise Cassie would befriend Lucia because helping the “less fortunate” would help her feel better about herself.

But regardless of how their characters may or may not interact, it’s exciting to see the love that both Sweeney and Tabasco have for their experience on The White Lotus, and that they’d be willing to return. Even if we don’t get the super season full of returning characters that fans have been dreaming of, hopefully we’ll at least get to see Cassie and Lucia interact at a White Lotus resort somewhere across the globe.