Which Avenger is Having the Worst Time in Infinity War?

Infinity War is 2 hours and 40 minutes of pain, but which character is having the absolute worst time? A ranking!

Warning: This article contains MAJOR Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. We have a spoiler free review here if you prefer.

Avengers: Infinity War is a movie about the good guys losing… like, a lot. Even Thanos, who actually does get what he wants, has some low points (notably, when he has to kill his own daughter—what a bummer!). 

With all of the pain being experienced in Infinity War, I thought I’d take the time to break out who has the absolute worst time in this movie. This is not a ranking you want to be at the top of, but it is a pretty competitive one.

13. Black Widow

We don’t get to check in that much with Natasha, but she spends most of the movie hanging with her besties, finds out her former beau is not dead, and gets to visit Wakanda. Basically, Infinity War isn’t so bad for her. Plus, she gets to step in and save Wanda in one of the most badass moments of the entire film, getting her very own “I am no man” moment.

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“He will die alone, and you will die alone.” “She’s not alone.”

12. Spider-Man

Things get pretty terrible for Peter Parker near the end there, but, up until that point, he seems to be having a wonderful time. And why wouldn’t he be? He skipped out on school and gets to spend time with one of his favorite people: Mr. Stark! Also, he gets a cool, new suit! And goes to space!

11. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a bit of a narcissist, so I’m thinking that getting to show off all of his cool, magic skills to Tony Stark feels pretty darn good. Dude gets to travel across the universe, see new planets, and make some new friends. (And, let’s be real, this guy could definitely use some more friends.) 

On the other hand, Strange does get tortured in this movie with tons of little shards of glass. He also has to give up the Time Stone, his most favorite piece of jewelry, to Thanos. In terms of emotional pain, though, Strange makes it out of the movie mostly unscathed. And, by “makes it out of the movie,” I mean turns to ash with 50% of the universe, so…

10. Captain America

Steve Rogers, surprisingly, doesn’t get much screentime in Infinity War, but he seems to be doing OK when we do get to hang out. When we first catch up with him, he’s living his truth as an international man-on-the-lam alongside two of his best friends: Sam and Natasha. His other best friend, Bucky, is doing better than ever, and Steve gets to step in to help his other friends—Wanda and Vision—when they most need it, not only arriving just in the nick of time in Scotland, but also getting to give Vision an iconic “We don’t trade lives” speech. Steve loves waxing poetic about his values.

Even better? Someone finally gets this man another vibranium shield. (Thanks, T’Challa!) What’s not to love? Oh yeah, the world is maybe ending and Steve then has to watch Bucky die… again. No one suffers like Steve and watching the man fall to his knees, paw the dirt where Bucky once stood, and utter “Oh God” pretty much encapsulates what watching the ending of this movie feels like in your heart and the rest of your body.

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9. Bruce/The Hulk

Bruce is pretty much always suffering, so it’s hard to figure out where to include him on this ranking because he suffers so casually. The man is still trying to process the information that he spent two years as The Hulk when he is asked to not only warn Earth about the incoming invasion, but also play counselor to his estranged friends. Not exactly the homecoming party this science bro deserves.

Hulk is having a terrible time in this movie, too. After getting his ass kicked by Thanos in the movie’s opening minutes, he doesn’t even want to come out to smash anything. And who can blame him?

8. Black Panther

T’Challa seems to be stay optimistic during the events of Infinity War, but it’s worth noting that the dude has to put at risk the country he just inherited rule over and just promised would be OK after entering the international arena to fight off Thanos’ terrifying army of space dogs. And he does it all without complaint. I would be passively agressively dropping Olympics-and-Starbucks quips, just like Okoye.

I can’t be the only one who was cringing as Wakanda’s countryside was being burned and ripped apart, can I? I can only imagine how T’Challa felt about it all. Then, in his country’s hour of need… he gets turned into ash.

7. Tony Stark

Infinity War is basically an exercise in Tony having to live out his literal worst nightmare. In Age of Ultron, he saw a future in which all of his friends are dead in space. In Infinity War, that nightmare more or less comes true. He has to watch as his surrogate son, Peter Parker, dies crying in his arms, with the knowledge that the same has happened to 50% of the universe.

Since Iron Man, Tony has been a person who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders. With the ending of Infinity War and Thanos’ victory, he has failed in the task he has prioritized above all others. Plus, Pepper is super pissed at him.

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6. Peter Quill

I’m pretty mad at Peter for ruining the Avengers’ best chance at getting that gauntlet off of Thanos, but I can still recognize that this dude has a rough go of it in Infinity War. First, he’s forced to stand around while all of his friends compare his body to Thor’s, then he has to try to kill his girlfriend at her request, then he has to find out his girlfriend has actually died. No one’s having fun in this movie, but Peter, a particularly fragile soul to begin with, doesn’t even get ample time to listen to his Walkman, which we all know is his chief form of self-care and therefore is vital to his mental health.

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5. Vision

It’s never fun to know that your very existence may be standing in the way of keeping 50% of the universe safe, but that’s the existential crisis Vision has to grapple with through most of Infinity War. Dude is just constantly piping up in the conversation, being like, “If I have to die, it’s cool guys,” in a way that really can’t be fun, even if it’s admirable.

Eventually, Vision has to talk his girlfriend into killing him, only to then have to die again at the hands of Thanos. Wanda and Vision really should have tried to find Hogwarts in the Scottish highlands. The Avengers have one, maybe two wizards. Hogwarts has a whole castle.

4. Wanda

Wanda isn’t the only character in this movie who is asked to murder their significant other in order to stop Thanos, but she is the only one who actually has to do it. While Wanda starts off this movie the happiest we have ever seen her, on a romantic Scottish vacation with Vision, things quickly turn painful for Scarlet Witch.

Wanda spends most of the movie either trying to keep people from killing her boyfriend or trying to convince her boyfriend not to kill himself. Finally, she is the one who has to do it, only to then watch it be all for nought as Thanos reverses time, brings him back to life, and kills him again. That’s right: Wanda has to watch her boyfriend die twice. Then, she gets turned into ash. It’s a rough couple of days.

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3. Nebula

Nebula might not have that much screen time, but she really packs in a lot of suffering into it. When we first catch back up with Nebula, she has literally been torn apart in some kind of cyberpunk version of Medieval rack torture. It probably makes it even worse that this is at her own father’s command. (Thanos is such a dick.)

You’d think things might get better for Nebula once she’s finally freed herself, but then she has to suffer through the realization that Gamora, the sister who just sacrificed the Soul Stone to relieve Nebula’s pain, has been killed. Despite the no doubt immense pain of that discovery, Nebula manages not to mess up any plans to kill Thanos in dealing with her grief. (*Side-eyes Peter Quill*) Just saying.

2. Gamora

While everyone in this movie wants to kill Thanos before he can, you know, kill half of the universe, Gamora (and maybe Nebula?) is the only one who kinda, sorta loves him. Sure, she’s 110% committed to her mission—to the extent that she actually does stab two daggers into fake-Thanos—but, when she thinks she has killed Thanos, she weeps openly. Yeah, some of those tears are no doubt relief at the thought that she is finally free of her abuser, but she also feels something for the man who more or less raised her.

In addition to having to go through the trauma of thinking she has killed her father, Gamora also has to relive the trauma of her planet’s genocide, beg her boyfriend to kill her, watch her sister get tortured at the hands of their father, and die herself. I’m still holding out for Gamora to have a big role in Avengers 4, despite her apparent death. Then, she deserves some serious beach time… or whatever it is Gamora does to relax.

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1. Thor

Poor, sweet Thor. The pirate-angel just lost his dad, his home, his hammer, his eye, and the evil sister he just found out he had in Thor: Ragnarok. Just when you think it can’t get any worse for the godman who is literally floating across the galaxy with a ship of refugees made up of the last remaining Asgardians, Thanos decides to kick him a bit while he’s down.

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Infinity War opens with Thor losing half of his remaining people, his bestie Heimdall, and his apparently-not-immortal brother Loki. Even Rocket Raccoon feels bad for him, enough to give him his stolen replacement eye—that’s right, a character whose chief hobby in life is stealing other people’s prostethics willingly gifts Thor an eye.

Thor manages to channel his pain into something productive—a mission to Nidavellir to retrieve a weapon strong enough to kill Thanos—where he gets to experience tons of physical pain when he has to manually hold the forge’s door open as he is literally blasted by the full power of a star. Ouch. And that’s before half of his friends die in Thanos’ culling. Someone get this guy some shawarma… and a hug.

Do you agree with our ranking? Who do you think had the absolute worst time in Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below.