Avengers: Infinity War Passes $2 Billion Mark

Avengers: Infinity War joins an uber-elite club of movies, having passed the $2 billion global box office mark.

Avengers: Infinity War has officially crossed the $2 billion mark!

Infinity War, which passed the $1 billion mark faster than any film, took only 48 days to double that, having grossed $2,001,136,398; a level that puts the film amongst rarefied film industry air of the $2 Billion Club, joining 2009’s Avatar ($2.78 billion), 1997’s Titanic ($2.18 billion) and 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.06B). Moreover, it was hardly a laborious line-cross for Infinity War, which opened back on April 27, and is still riding momentum. Indeed, Infinity War placed at 5 last weekend, having added $7.2 million to its total, even besting the debuting Hotel Artemis, which came in at a disappointing 8.

Of Infinity War’s $2 billion-plus worldwide total, $1.346 billion came from overseas sales, which even contains boosts from the normally Marvel-resistant movie market of China, where it made an astounding (for China,) $369.7 million, making it the country’s third-biggest box office haul.   

Infinity War is already, of course, Marvel Studios’ highest-grossing release of all-time, besting the final global totals of its previous megamovie offerings, 2012’s The Avengers ($1.5 billion) and 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4 billion), as well as this past February’s cultural breakthrough hit, Black Panther ($1.345 billion).

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Additionally, Infinity War is already the fifth-highest grossing film in domestic box office record, currently sitting at $655.1 million, inevitably set to overtake Black Panther ($699.4M) and Titanic ($659.3M), and likely set to finish just behind The Force Awakens ($936.6M) and Avatar ($760.5M).

While this latest stratospheric reach by the Marvel Cinematic Universe megamovie probably arrives to the surprise of few, considering its seemingly interminable Infinity Gauntlet-like box office power, the $2 billion crossing is an astounding achievement that deserves special reflection, nevertheless.

Auspiciously enough, Infinity War isn’t even the Marvel megamovie main event, since the untitled follow-up, Avengers 4, will likely up the ante in terms of the action and crossover appeal that made its predecessor so successful. Plus, it will have the post-credits-scene-teased presence of Brie Larson’s cosmic crusader, Captain Marvel, who will first debut in the March 8, 2019 solo movie. From there, it will be the quickest turnaround yet, since Larson’s Captain Marvel will answer the cosmic call for help when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.

Avengers: Infinity War is playing at theaters everywhere… you know, just in case you want to throw the starving artists of that humble production a bone and pay to see it again.