The Best Bigfoots and Sasquatches on the Big Screen

We may never get a good look at the real thing, but Bigfoot remains one of the great movie stars of genre fiction. These are his best big screen turns.

Best Bigfoot Movies including Harry and the Hendersons
Photo: Universal / Bleecker Street / Disney

Bigfoots or Sasquatches, these creatures that straddle the line between man and beast are a captivating blend of mystery and fascination. Picture cavemen of colossal stature, untouched by the need to shave their skin. That’s your typical bigfoot. These enigmatic beings have also found their way into the spotlight of cinema, becoming iconic movie stars in their own right. 

While they may have fewer film representations than their arctic counterparts, the yeti, Bigfoot has left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Whether these creatures were scene stealers or the main attraction, the Sasquatch has carved a unique place in cinema history. Each character brings a distinct perspective to the mythos, from the terrifying and elusive family of beasts in the newly released Sasquatch Sunset to the misunderstood and gentle Mr. Link. They know how to bust a move, look for their own, and fly! Yes, fly.

Here are some of the best Sasquatches of cinema history, ranked. 

5. Bigfoot in A Goofy Movie (1995)

In the Disney fantasy land of Mickey Mouse, many anthropomorphic creatures coexist to blur the lines between species. Talking dogs (Goofy) interact with human-sized, bipedal mice (Mickey and Minnie) However, even in this context, the traditionally animalistic Bigfoot stands out.

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When Max and Goofy go on a camping trip, they stumble upon the one and only Sasquatch, who immediately goes into attack mode on the Goofs. That is until through classic Disney shenanigans, a pair of…. ‘90s Bluetooth radio headphones (??) hits the big guy’s ears and start blasting the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” Instantly, Bigfoot’s big, happy feet start to cut loose, unlocking his inner Travolta! 

4. Bigfoot Daddy in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

Have you been lost in the forest, tripping on mushrooms before? It’s a fun experience. Or so I’ve been told. Still, it can’t top Jack Black’s in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. While on a mushroom high in a forest, JB’s hallucination transports him to a candy land-styled terrain where he meets a Sasquatch, played by John C. Reilly, who also happens to be his dad. I want a John C. Riley Sasquatch dad! It’s like having a Wreck-It Ralph be your dad, but with hair!

He can take you floating down a strawberry river then fly in the sky! Yeah, a bigfoot with the power to soar to the heavens? Instant icon! No other Sasquatches on this list can fly, nor have the markings of a loving father! That’s why you hear the passion of Black’s vocals when he sings, “Sasquatch is my daddy, and he’s going to protect ME!” If only he weren’t a hallucination. 

3. Sasquatch Family in Sasquatch Sunset (2024)

The Sasquatch Sunset family is the textbook definition of Sasquatches. They communicate in grunts, hairy glares, hand gestures, and screams as every Bigfoot does, yet as the film’s directors, David and Nathan Zellner, pierce the veil into this clan’s intimate lifestyle in all its primitive glory, you grow to love them as if they are your own family. 

Watching them navigate the American northwestern wilderness over a year, each a nameless member, shows off their distinct interests and personalities. The dad wishes to count to four; the son makes a friend out of his hand like a ventriloquist; the mom loves her privacy; and the, let’s say, brother-in-law will quickly get canceled. Together, they make for an entertaining family until Darwinism and environmentalist changes shift the tone to poignancy. 

Susan Link is a Sasquatch unlike any other on this list. Not only does he read, write, and talk, but most importantly, he has a massive heart of gold. Throughout his globe-trotting quest with his explorer guide, Sir Lionel, to find companionship with his cousins, the Yeti, Susan grows a sense of self and also of the Sasquatch’s larger identity. In the face of adversity, his non-confrontational, pacifist attitude and kindness triumph over any Sasquatch instinct he has. Mr. Link may not have all the marbles, but they’re the most loveable Sasquatch you’ll ever meet. 

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1. Harry in Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

Harry is the architect of modern Bigfoot movies. He was the moneymaker that made it happen. He was the Bigfoot with a heart of good that made it into John Lightow’s family’s art. Harry and the Hendersons, a pioneering family comedy about a wacky creature causing family havoc, was a trailblazer in the ‘80s, long before studios made that formula IP-exclusive.

This Oscar-winning (you heard me) Bigfoot delighted families with its charm and hairy, wacky humor, becoming the highest-grossing Bigfoot movie ever to exist ($50 million on a $10 million budget). And it captured the hearts of a generation. Harry, the Bigfoot on the big throne, remains a nostalgic symbol of the genre’s early days.