Spider-Man: Far From Home First Reactions Are In

They're all pretty positive. Who woulda thunk it?

The first reactions to the very last MCU instalment of 2019 are in and, shocking no one, they’re mostly gushing.

While we’ll have to wait to see Spider-Man: Far From Home for ourselves when July finally shows up with whatever tiresome weather it has in store trailing behind it like a mischievous shadow creature, press screenings have very much been underway, showcasing Peter Parker’s second solo movie spawned from the ongoing partnership between Sony and Marvel.

What does a post-Endgame world look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We’re about to find out.

Homecoming‘s Jon Watts returns to direct Tom Holland as a less neighborhood-based Spidey on a school trip to Europe, where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury collars him and asks him to “step up” and help save the world from a mysterious gang of villains called the Elementals. The iconic Mysterio also pops up from another dimension to lend a helping hand, but he may not be the most trustworthy team player.

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The consensus seems to be that Spider-Man: Far From Home is a fun old time at the pictures, that Gyllenhaal absolutely nails the character of Mysterio, and that the post-credit scenes will leave you reeling.

No spoilers here, merely a collection of feelings from people who have seen it:

If you’ve already seen some of the Spider-Man: Far From Home spoilers that have found their way online, our community would appreciate it very much if you kept them to yourself and didn’t post them in the comments. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens on July 2. The full schedule of upcoming Marvel movies can be found here.