Quiz: can you identify the movie from the still?

It’s quiz time! Show us how deep your movie knowledge goes by guessing the movie from the image…

Are you ready to tackle our extremely tricky film quiz? We’ve pulled together an eclectic mix of notable big screen hits and need you to identify them.

This quiz comes with a special Curfew twist. Sky’s latest original production, all eight episodes of which are available to watch now, is set in a world where a state-enforced curfew keeps people locked indoors overnight, away from deadly creatures that only come out at night. Curfew follows a group of ordinary British people who put everything on the line to win a normal life. Their way out? A deadly street race across the UK, where the prize is the most coveted thing of all: freedom.

All eight episodes of Curfew are available to watch now via Sky and NOW TV

Sean Bean, Miranda Richardson, Billy Zane and Adrian Lester are among those ordinary folk trying to race their way free, while Malachi Kirby, Phoebe Fox and Rose Williams are the rising stars also jumping behind the wheel.

So if you’ve seen Curfew and know its cast, you may have a bit of a head start when it comes to these questions. With that in mind, on to the quiz… Good luck, and feel free to share your scores in the comments below!

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