Halloween Kills Cast, Plot, Release Date, and all the Latest News

Michael Myers returns for the second part of David Gordon Green’s new Halloween trilogy.

It used to be that ‘remake’ was something of a dirty word in horror after audiences were bombarded with substandard do-overs at the start of the 2000s (The Omen, The Wicker Man, The Last House on the Left, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, we could go on…)

But despite early cynicism David Gordon Green’s new take on John Carpenter’s seminal stalk ‘n slash was well received by fans and critics alike and did great box office. So when it was announced that Halloween 2018 would form part of a trilogy with Halloween Kills coming in 2020 and Halloween Ends to follow in 2021 we were basically ok with that. More than ok – it came as exciting news.

David Gordon Green returns to direct the send part of the reboot trilogy. Gordon Green is best know as the director of comedies Your Highness and The Pineapple Express as well as dramas Stronger and Nicolas Cage movie Joe. He’ll also be back to helm part three, Halloween Ends.

Now as we’re cruising toward scary season here’s a round up of everything we know so far about Halloween Kills. We’ll keep it updated so pop back for the latest news.

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Halloween Kills Cast

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as babysitter turned badass Laurie Strode and she’s joined by fellow stars of Halloween 2018 Judy Greer, as Laurie’s daughter Karen and Andi Matichak as her granddaughter Allyson. Dylan Arnold also returns as Allyson’s boyfriend Cameron Elam.

James Jude Courtney will be reprising his role as Michael Myers aka “The Shape” with support from Nick Castle who played Myers in the 1978 original. It’s not clear exactly which scenes in Halloween Kills Castle will be involved with but in Halloween 2018 – he appears in the scene where Laurie sees Michael again for the first time in 40 years, recreating the iconic head tilt from the original movie. He also recorded the ADR of Michael’s breathing (he’s not much of a talker).

Exciting new additions come in the form of Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle and Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace. Tommy and Lindsay were the kids Laurie was babysitting in the original film – and in fact Richards played little Lindsay in the original. More Haddonfield residents will return in the form of Marion Chambers, Doctor Loomis’ nurse from the original with Nancy Stephens reprising her role, as well as Lonnie Elam – father of Cameron who will be played by Robert Longstreet. Lonnie was a Haddonfield kid in the ’78 film who bullied and teased young Tommy.

Halloween Kills also sees the return of Leigh Brackett played by Charles Cyphers in the ’78 original and again in 2020. In the first Halloween Brackett was a Haddonfield Sheriff whose daughter, Annie, was murdered by Myers. Brackett then retired a few years later and moved away.

With so many old favourites back in the fold expect lots of nods and references to the original film which Halloween 2018 serves as a direct sequel to.

Halloween Kills Plot

Specifics of the story of Halloween Kills haven’t been released but we’re pretty confident it’s going to involve Michael Myers terrorising Laurie Strode and her family. We’re looking forward to seeing what has become of Tommy and Lindsay forty years after their first encounter with The Shape. Certainly in one of the Halloween timelines Tommy became obsessed with Myers as he grew older. Given that a big theme of Halloween 2018 was the toll Michael’s attack took on Laurie and the PTSD she suffered as a result, it’s likely Tommy and Lindsay will be dealing with the past in some way.

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In Halloween 2018 Myers escaped prison and came after Laurie but with the help of her daughter and granddaughter they foiled Michael, locked him in the basement of Laurie’s house, and set the place on fire. But the final moments of the film and the sound of Michael’s breathing indicate he made it out, somehow. Whether Halloween Kills will follow directly on from Halloween or whether time will have passed isn’t yet clear, though Jason Blum assures us the film will be an event.

“I just saw Halloween Kills. It was SO good. So good. It’s intense. It’s huge. It really feels really big,” he told Den of Geek.

Halloween Kills Release Date

As is fitting, Halloween Kills opens just ahead of Halloween (the season). It’s released in US and UK cinemas on October 16.

Halloween Kills Trailer

While there isn’t currently an official Halloween Kills trailer, we do have this announcement video which hit when the project was first revealed…

We’ll update this with more information as it becomes available.