Deadpool 2 Ending Explained: What’s Next for X-Force?

Once the dust has settled in Deadpool 2, what's left of Wade Wilson's world and what's next for X-Men movies?

This article consists of nothing but MAJOR Deadpool 2 ending spoilers. We have a spoiler free review here if you prefer.

So, good news! We’re at the point where there are more good Deadpool movies in existence than bad Deadpool movies! He has that over Terminator.

In his two self-titled adventures, Deadpool has had it a lot easier than most other superheroes. There haven’t been any lasers in the sky or anything like that to contend with. In the first movie, he had to deal with revenge and rescuing the love of his life, but at least the world wasn’t about to blow up. Similarly, the conflict in Deadpool 2 is about the fate of a boy’s soul and mostly about saving a little girl’s life in the future.

Plus there was stuff about dying and not dying and whatever. Either way, Deadpool’s still alive and because of that, Cable is stranded in the present.

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Speaking of time travel and being alive, Deadpool’s wacky mid-credits adventures completely undoes Vanessa’s death and the death of mild-mannered Peter. Yeah, screw you, Shatterstar and invisible Brad Pitt. We wrote about all that craziness in more detail right here.

By the end of this movie, we have a full-on family of characters for Deadpool to team up with and it seems that’s the direction this corner of the X-Men Cinematic Universe is going to take. The next adventure isn’t a Deadpool movie. It’s X-Force.


Now, originally X-Force was Deadpool, Domino, Shatterstar, Bedlam, Zeitgeist, Vanisher, and Peter. Weasel too if you want to split hairs, I guess. After some unfortunate weather, the active members were whittled down to Deadpool and Domino.

Once the dust settled, Deadpool had a group of heroes and allies that he realized he could depend upon. Then, in the post-credits scene, he undid a couple deaths and added to his Christmas card list. That means going into the next movie, Wade’s buddies include:

– Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Yuki, who claim to still be part of the X-Men.

– Firefist, who will presumably be a student at the Xavier School.

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Cable, who believes himself to be stranded in the present due to using up his time machine charges.

Domino, who goes where the wind takes her. Er…maybe that’s not the best choice of words.

– Vanessa, who has been the damsel in distress and the fridged love interest, so she might as well get her morphing powers from the comics at this point because she is technically a founding member of X-Force in the comics anyway.

– Weasel, who will either quietly or non-quietly be removed from the situation because of a certain actor shooting himself in the foot and ruining his career.

– Dopinder, because Deadpool needs someone to take Weasel’s place.

Peter, who we probably haven’t heard the last of, but won’t be in another super team any time soon.

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We’ll surely have a new X-Force in the near future and my guess would be Deadpool, Cable, Domino, Vanessa, and maybe Firefist. Plus we’re due for 2-3 new members.


While there’s surely enough juice to give us part three of a Deadpool trilogy, we’re obviously getting X-Force. No matter the roster, the next Deadpool-related movie will be an ensemble adventure.

The question is: what are they up against? Afterlife Vanessa was cryptic throughout the movie, but she made it apparent that Deadpool was necessary to lead his allies against some kind of threat. Even though the real reason it wasn’t his time to die was because of Cable using time-travel, she made it seem like it was his destiny to do something to save the future.

Cable’s journey in Deadpool 2 was all about saving his wife and daughter, and he succeeded. Now all that’s left is for him to 1) not interfere with Cyclops and Jean Grey having sex and 2) prevent the future from being so goddamn shitty.

How is it shitty? Well, we don’t really know too much. In fact, it’s probably one of the better Cable alternate futures we’ve seen in fiction because he had what appeared to be a fairly stable family life outside of the pyromaniac serial killer showing up to burn down their home.

Regardless, Cable makes it apparent that Deadpool’s generation screws up so royally that everything sucks in 50 years. His bitterness even seems to put some of the blame on Deadpool himself, though I suppose that might be more for his role in setting up Firefist’s path.

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Could this be part of the Logan future? Probably not, but maybe. The X-Men movies are pretty rank when it comes to keeping things coherent and Logan is likely just a one-off.

Either way, Deadpool has his work cut out for him because for once in his life, he has major world-changing stakes to deal with.

Gavin Jasper hopes Fantomex shows up in the X-Force movie. Follow Gavin on Twitter!