DC League of Super-Pets Cast: Meet All the New Characters

Exclusive: DC League of Super-Pets director Jared Stern tells us what it was like working with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and the rest of the animated film's talented cast.

DC League of Super-Pets
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Every dog has their day, and that includes Superman’s loyal companion, Krypto. The animated film DC League of Super-Pets finds the Justice League captured by Lex Luthor. But when a mysterious explosion grants a rag-tag team of shelter pets extraordinary powers of their own, it falls to these unlikely heroes—led by Krypto—to save Metropolis.

“The anchoring narrative is, we have Krypto, Superman’s dog,” director Jared Stern tells Den of Geek. “He’s got all the same powers as Superman. He has a pretty great life. He has the best owner in the universe. But he doesn’t know quite how to be a regular dog. The movie is about Krypto learning to be a bit more of a regular dog and making other friends.”

Director Jared Stern
Director Jared Stern. Photo by Kevin Scanlon.

The movie’s all-star voice cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, and Vanessa Bayer, to name a few. Stern, however, maintains they didn’t cast these huge stars because of name recognition but rather because the talent fit the characters. “We put up our character designs, shut our eyes, and just listened to the voice quality of these actors,” Stern says. As for whether there’s potential for a sequel—might we suggest the Super-Pets versus Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew—anything sounds paws-ible. 

“I’ve thought about it constantly, especially about some of those characters that we weren’t able to fit in this movie,” Stern concludes. “Perhaps it could be Captain Carrot, or perhaps it could be some other ones I love. So, yeah, it would be fun to go to some different places in the sequel. And there’s no shortage of wonderful animal characters in the DC canon.” 

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Dwayne Johnson as Krypto

Dwayne Johnson tackles the cocky canine, who possesses the same Kryptonian powers as his master. A celebrity in his world, there’s something sad about Krypto. “He loves Superman so much,” director Jared Stern explains. “Any thought that he might lose him makes us feel for Krypto, even if he’s full of himself.” Krypto is used to hanging out with the Justice League… and the League of Super-Pets is anything but that well-oiled machine. Initially, they don’t come together as a team, and that exasperates Krypto. “He’s going to need to be a leader and friend to them and bring them together to master their powers,” Stern explains.

Kevin Hart as Ace

​​Kevin Hart voices this Bat-hound, who has been imbued with a certain degree of invulnerability and indestructibility. “That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when he gets beat up,” Stern notes. An older dog, he’s been in the shelter for a long time. In fact, Ace doesn’t believe he has a shot at being adopted anymore. It seems the younger pets tend to find homes easier than the more seasoned vets. “Ace is the leader of the gang of idiots in the shelter,” Stern adds. “He takes care of them. He knows they are idiots, but they are his idiots. He wants to protect them.”

Vanessa Bayer as PB

Vanessa Bayer provides the voice for this potbellied pig. PB can alter her size, but she’s having difficulties controlling that ability. “PB goes big when she wants to go small,” Stern explains. The heart of the group, she really wants to get adopted. PB knows everything about superheroes from reading the Daily Planet pages that line her cage at the shelter. The fan pig of the group, PB is especially obsessed with Wonder Woman.

Natasha Lyonne as Merton

Few creatures move at a more leisurely pace than a turtle. As for Merton, voiced by Natasha Lyonne, she’s even slower. That, however, changes when she gains super-speed. The problem is, Merton can’t see a thing. “It’s like someone gave Mr. Magoo a Ferrari,” Stern says. Unfortunately, this slowpoke has been getting run over by cars. All she wants is a peaceful life and a delicious piece of lettuce.

Diego Luna as Chip

Voiced by Diego Luna, this squirrel can shoot electric energy from his hands. As it turns out, Chip is more of a scaredy-cat than a nut forager, though. He is terrified of the world around him—and his electrifying powers. “He doesn’t want to hurt anyone with them… or himself,” offers Stern. And while Ace longs to get out of the shelter, Chip wants to stay right where he is, feeling much safer behind bars.

DC League of Super-Pets is in theaters now.

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