Tekken 7: Season 3 Characters Revealed

Enigmatic new character Leroy Smith hits Tekken 7 alongside a returning character and another new name. Each gets his own spotlight trailer.

Tekken 7 Season 3

Tekken 7 has had a long lifespan and considering how strong it’s remained as an esport fighting staple, it’s not surprising that they’re keeping the DLC train going. Right now, we’re in the opening months of Season 3, where the only thing we’ve known going in was the return of Zafina, the introduction of new character Leroy Smith, and the vague announcement of three more fighters, a new stage, and a new bell and whistle to add to the package.

Despite only getting a teaser trailer, Leroy Smith is such a hit sensation that rapper T-Pain cosplayed as him. Now Leroy’s release is coming up on Tuesday, December 10. Bandai-Namco released a bigger trailer, showing off both in-game footage and Leroy’s awesome dog.

But that’s not all that’s coming out. Middle-aged creeper and sumo champion Ganryu will be returning to Tekken, looking an awful lot like Bo’ Rai Cho from Mortal Kombat, now that I think of it. Check him out as he plays up the fact that he’s not all that hyped up for a returning character. Plus he tries to copycat Julia Chang’s newfound tendency to stream her fights online.

Lastly, there’s one more character on the way for this season and he even comes with his own Thailand stage. Fahkumram is a massive Muay Thai kickboxer covered in scars and tattoos. He appears to be some kind of human weapon of the Thai military, as shown in this clip of him tearing apart Craig Marduk.

Not keen on how he appears MASSIVE when facing him down, only to be shorter than Marduk during the actual gameplay. Come on, Bandai-Namco. Make him Abigail from Street Fighter size!

Fahkumram and his stage will hit Tekken 7 sometime in the spring.

On the non-competitor front, Dec. 10 will also allow players to check out the frame data display of all the game’s moves. A good tool for those who are really into fine-tuning their skills and making the best out of their strategies.

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Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and figures that Season 3 was supposed to give us a guest character, but Fahkumram ate him for protein. Read more of Gavin’s articles here and follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L