Resident Evil Village: How to Unlock Every Weapon

Resident Evil Village features a crazy collection of weapons, but you're going to have to work hard to find them all.

Resident Evil Village Weapons
Photo: Capcom

Resident Evil Village is much more action-oriented than Resident Evil 7 was, which means that you’re going to have to rely on the game’s extensive collection of guns and weapons in order to survive its toughest challenges and tallest vampires.

While you could technically beat Resident Evil Village with only a knife and a prayer (at least that seems to be possible…), most players will want to turn to the game’s other unlockable and discoverable weapons at some point. Just as it is in most Resident Evil games, though, it’s easy to miss some of Village‘s best guns if you’re not willing to put in the extra work or just explore a few side paths that yield tremendous rewards.

So whether you’re a completionist or you just want to slice up werewolves with a lightsaber, here’s how you find every weapon in Resident Evil Village:

LEMI Pistol

The LEMI is given to you by an old man shortly after you enter the village itself, so it’s impossible to miss this weapon as long as you play the game up until that point.

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It’s weak in the way that most starter weapons are, but if you upgrade it enough, it can actually be more powerful than some versions of the improved pistols you’ll find later in the game.

M1897 Shotgun

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without a shotgun, and you’ll find the M1897 in Resident Evil Village pretty early into your adventure.

After the scene where Ethan gets his hand bitten, you’ll hear a call on the radio and push a shelf to the side soon thereafter. The next door you open will lead you to a red gate. Turn left after exiting that door, and follow the blood trail you see on the ground. Enter the house that the trail leads you to, and you should find a shotgun laying on a table close to the entrance.

F2 Sniper

While Resident Evil Village offers few opportunities for long-range combat, the F2 Sniper is still a solid overall weapon.

This one is pretty much impossible to miss, but it will require you to solve the “five bells” puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu (which we’ve outlined here). Once that’s done, head through the passageway in the painting. Climb the next available ladder, head straight on through the hallway, and you should soon bump into a sniper rifle just waiting to be taken.

M1911 Pistol

Your next pistol upgrade is also the first weapon that you just might miss if you don’t go out of your way to get it.

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Once you’ve turned in the first “flask” to the Duke (which you’ll get after finishing the castle area), you’ll want to go to the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village. From there, you should see an open gate by the nearest “well” symbol on your map. Go through that gate, take a left into the house, and proceed through the only available path until you reach a locked door.

Open the locked door, and go through the doorway on your left (opposite an unlockable blue door). Unblock the passageway you run into, fight some enemies, and take a left at the tractor. Open the padlock on the big red gate up ahead, and you should see a hut on your left. In that hut is a locked cabinet that requires the following combination:


You’ll find the M1911 inside the now unlocked cabinet.

W870 TAC shotgun

I believe it’s possible to miss this shotgun, but I suspect that most players will run into it through the natural course of play.

Just to be sure, though, you can find this gun after you’ve completed and exited the Beneviento mansion. Follow the path until you find a small hut to the right of a fallen tree. You can enter that house via a small path that runs to the right of it, and you should find the W870 inside. If you don’t immediately spot it, it should be propped up against a wall to the right of the entrance.

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M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

The Wolfsbane continues the proud tradition of Resident Evil magnums by being an absurdly powerful gun that you’ll barely get to use due to a serious lack of available ammo.

You’ll find this gun after you defeat the third boss. After you use the elevator to get back to the surface, you’ll want to use the crank to open the door to your right. Walk down the path behind that door until you’re near the treasure chest market on your map.

There should be a small path in that area that leads to a large house. You should be able to enter that house via a small hole around the side of its front door. Once you’re inside, look to your right and open the chest on the table. The Wolfsbane Magnum will be waiting inside.

GM 79 Grenade Launcher

You’re going to get a lot of mileage out of Resident Evil Village‘s grenade launcher, but you won’t find it until you’ve beaten the third boss. After that, head to the surface via the elevator in the mines and proceed to the mechanical door that leads to the magnum.

Rather than go through that door, though, go through the other nearby door that soon takes you down a path. When you reach the sign that reads “This Way,” turn left and follow the stream. Look at your map, and you should see that the stream leads you to a house marked with an Iron Insignia key logo.

Use your key to enter that house, and the GM79 will be waiting for you.

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V61 Custom and SYG-12

These two are grouped together for the simple fact that you find them in the exact same spot at the exact same time.

You’ll be able to buy them both from the Duke once you’ve encountered the merchant for the first time in the fourth boss area. The V61 goes for 120,000 Lei and the SYG sets you back 180,000 Lei.

Is either gun worth the investment? Well, that kind of depends on how flush you are, but it’s worth noting that you’re pretty close to the end of the game at this point. Both weapons will help you in the fights that follow, but if you’re happy with your current upgrades and can’t spare the coin, you might be able to skip both guns.


The S.T.A.K.E is one of the most powerful pistols in Resident Evil Village, but you won’t be able to buy it until you’ve beaten the campaign.

Once that’s out the way, you should be able to purchase this gun from the Duke as soon as you meet him during your New Game+ run.

Dragoon Assault Rifle

This incredibly powerful assault rifle will not be available to you until after you’ve beaten Village‘s campaign and open the “Extra Content” menu. That menu contains a variety of items that you’ll be able to unlock once you’ve completed enough of the challenges that also become available after you’ve beaten Village.

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So, you’ll first need to unlock the Dragoon via that menu by earning at least 30,000 challenge points. Once that’s done, you will be able to buy the Dragoon from any Duke location in the campaign for 400 Lei.

WCX Assault Rifle

Just like the Dragoon, the WCX is available via the Extra Content menu for 30,000 CP. After it’s unlocked, you can buy it from the Duke for 200 Lei.

Karambit Knife

If you’re looking to make that “knife run” a little easier, you can unlock the Karambit from the Extra Content menu for 10,000 CP. You can then buy it from the Duke for 100 Lei.

USM-A1 Handgun

This powerful hangun is all yours for the low price of 20,000 CP and 350 Lei to the Duke during a New Game+ run.

Handcannon PZ

Before you can unlock the Handcannon, you’ll need to beat Resident Evil Village on Hardcore Difficulty. That’s no small feat, but if you manage to pull it off, then you can buy this pistol for 60,000 CP and 1,100 Lei.

Rocket Pistol

This portable rocket launcher can only be unlocked after you’ve completed Resident Evil Village on Village of Shadows difficulty. Considering that most things kill you instantly on that setting, there’s a good chance you may not make it that far.

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If you manage to overcome the odds, though, the comically overpowered Rocket Pistol is all yours for 80,000 CP and 1,500 Lei.

LZ Answerer

If you want to enter meme mode by beating Resident Evil Village with what is essentially a lightsaber, then you’ll need to beat the game’s Mercenaries mode with at least an SS Rank. You should be able to unlock it in the main game via the Extra Content menu once that’s done.

Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 Handgun

The final gun in the game can only be purchased if you bought Resident Evil Village‘s Trauma Pack DLC. If you’re willing to splurge a bit IRL, then you’ll be able to buy this gun from the Duke for 200 Lei.