Pokémon Legends Arceus: Where to Find Cherrim and Cherubi

Cherubi and Cherrim are two of the most annoyingly rare Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Here’s how to take some pain out of finding them.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Cherrim
Photo: Nintendo

Pokemon Legends: Arceus shakes up the traditional Pokemon formula in a variety of ways, most notably when it comes to missions and requests. Some are as easy as catching a Pokemon like Shinx or Zubat, while others force players to spend hours in search of a rare monster to fill out a Pokedex entry.

For example, the request “To Bloom or Not to Bloom” is the bane of many players’ existence because it asks them to show Kichi of the Agriculture Corps a completed Pokedex entry for Cherrim. On paper, that doesn’t sound too difficult since the requests “Adorable Starly” and “The Timbre of the Fields” tasked players with filling out Pokedex entries for Starly and Kricketot, respectively. However, those two Pokemon are fairly common, especially in the beginning areas. Cherrim, however, are quite rare, and you can’t exactly fill out this Pokedex entry if you never find one.

If you are still searching desperately for enough Cherrim to fill out your Pokedex — hint: you will also need them if you want to meet Arceus — then here’s how to find them, plus some advice on how to find its pre-evolution, Cherubi.

Where to Find Cherrim

All Pokemon have a favored habitat. Water-types like Psyduck and Shellos are usually found chilling in or near the water, while Fire-types such as Magmar tend to congregate in volcanic areas. Cherrim, meanwhile, hang around in trees. However, you can’t just chuck a Poke Ball at any tree and expect it to flush out a Cherrim.

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As you wander Hisui, you have probably noticed trees with fruit in them. These trees will drop berries, Apricorns, and other items if you give them a good shake, but if they are already shaking, that means a wild Pokemon is hiding in the foliage. One shove is all it takes to scare the creature out into the open.

However, you can’t just attack any shivering tree and expect a Cherrim. They only live in The Heartwood in Obsidian Fieldlands; the Lonely Spring, Fabled Spring, and Primeval Grotto in Coronet Highlands; and the Gapejaw Bog in Crimson Mirelands. Of course, once a Cherrim falls out of a tree, it will attack immediately (you would too if someone rudely assaulted your home), so you will need to battle the Pokemon in order to catch it.

Even if you don’t snag the Cherrim, merely seeing one fall out of a tree adds to your Pokedex’s completion. 

Where to Find Cherubi

If the gods of RNG are not on your side and you can’t find a Cherrim anywhere, it might be time to change tactics. Instead of completing a Cherrim Pokedex entry by catching and battling them, why not evolve a Cherubi into a Cherrim instead?

Cherubi, much like Cherrim, leisurely spend their days in shaking trees. Fortunately, the Cherubi also cohabitate in the same areas. Since Cherubi are comparatively more common than Cherrim (they’re still pretty rare, though), odds are you’ll encounter some while searching for Cherrim. While you still have to battle Cherubi to catch them, once you have one in your pocket, you can evolve the Cherubi once it reaches level 25. Then you are well on your way to completing Cherrim’s Pokedex entry.