Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Evolve Every Pokémon

Finally ready to evolve your favorite Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Here is exactly how to do it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus
Photo: Nintendo

Pokémon Legends: Arceus may not be a “typical” Pokémon game, but this bold new entry in the franchise still lets you evolve your Pokémon into exciting new forms through a variety of strange (and often confusing) methods.

Arceus does a fairly good job of letting you know when and how to evolve many of the game’s 242 Pokémon (and you’ll always be able to choose whether or not you want to evolve one at all), but there are a surprising number of Pokémon in the game without immediately clear evolutionary paths. It’s certainly possible to “solve” their evolution methods through the course of natural play, but it helps to have a little better idea of what you need to do so that you can better plan your path through this massive adventure just a little better.

So, if you’re just not sure how to evolve that one Pokémon (or you want to remove as much guesswork from Arceus as possible), here’s a look at how to evolve every Pokémon in the game that has an evolutionary form (based on currently available information).

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon With Experience

The most straightforward evolutionary method in the franchise returns in Arceus. In order to have the option to evolve these Pokémon, you just need to level them up to the level listed next to their evolutionary forms.

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Abra — Kadabra (Level 16)
Barboach — Whiscash (Level 30)
Bergmite — Avalugg (Level 37)
Bidoof — Bibarel (Level 15)
Bronzor — Bronzong (Level 33)
Buizel — Floatzel (Level 26)
Cherubi — Cherrim (Level 25)
Chimchar — Monferno (Level 14) — Infernape (Level 36)
Cranidos — Rampardos (Level 30)
Croagunk — Toxicroak (Level 37)
Cyndaquil — Quilava (Level 17) — Hisuian Typhlosion (Level 36)
Drifloon — Drifblim (Level 28)
Duskull — Dusclops (Level 37)
Elekid — Electabuzz (Level 30)
Finneon — Lumineon (Level 31)
Gastly — Haunter (Level 25)
Geodude — Graveler (Level 25)
Gible — Gabite (Level 24) — Garchomp (Level 48)
Glameow — Purugly (Level 38)
Goomy — Sliggoo (Level 50)
Hippopotas — Hippowdon (Level 34)
Hisuian Zorua — Hisuian Zoroark (Level 30)
Kricketot — Kricketune (Level 10)
Machop — Machoke (Level 28)
Magby — Magmar (Level 30)
Magikarp — Gyarados (Level 20)
Magnemite — Magneton (Level 30)
Oshawott — Dewott (Level 17) — Hisuian Samurott (Level 36)
Paras — Parasect (Level 24)
Piplup — Prinplup (Level 16) — Empoleon (Level 36)
Ponyta — Rapidash (Level 40)
Psyduck — Golduck (Level 33)
Ralts — Kirlia (Level 20) — Gardevoir (Level 30)
Remoraid — Octillery (Level 25)
Rhyhorn — Rhydon (Level 42)
Rowlet — Dartrix (Level 17) — Hisuian Decidueye (Level 36)
Rufflet — Hisuian Braviary (Level 54)
Shellos — Gastrodon (Level 30)
Shieldon — Bastiodon (Level 30)
Shinx — Luxio (Level 15) — Luxray (Level 30)
Skorupi — Drapion (Level 40)
Snorunt — Glalie (Level 42)
Snover — Abomasnow (Level 40)
Spheal — Sealeo (Level 32) — Walrein (Level 44)
Starly — Staravia (Level 14) — Staraptor (Level 34)
Stunky — Skuntank (Level 34)
Swinub — Piloswine (Level 33)
Teddiursa — Ursaring (Level 30)
Tentacool — Tentacruel (Level 30)
Turtwig — Grotle (Level 18) — Torterra (Level 32)
Wurmple — Cascoon (Level 7) — Dustox (Level 10)
Wurmple (Alternate Evolution Path) — Silcoon (Level 7) — Beautifly (Level 10)
Zubat — Golbat (Level 22)

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon With Stones and Special Items

Much as it was in pretty much every other main Pokémon game, there are some Pokémon that only be evolved by using a special item on them. These evolutionary items can be found in a variety of places (vendors, quest rewards, Mystery Gifts, and special events), but they’re all used in roughly the same way. You just need to select the item from your inventory, move it to a Pokémon that is listed as “Compatible,” and choose to use the item. All evolutionary items are single-use, but we suppose that there’s always hope that someone will find a duplication trick.

Of special note is the new Linking Cord items, which basically replaces the need to trade certain Pokémon to evolve them. Instead of having to trade those Pokémon with a particular item attached, you just need to use that item on the Pokémon listed below that are compatible with it.

Fire Stone

Eevee — Flareon
Hisuian Growlithe — Hisuian Arcanine
Vulpix — Ninetales

Ice Stone

Alolan Vulpix — Alolan Ninetales
Eevee — Glaceon

Thunder Stone

Eevee — Jolteon
Magneton — Magnezone
Pikachu — Raichu

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Leaf Stone

Eevee — Leafeon
Hisuian Voltob — Hisuian Electrode

Dusk Stone

Misdreavus — Mismagius
Murkrow — Honchkrow

Metal Coat

Onix — Steelix
Scyther — Scizor

Shiny Stone

Roselia — Roserade
Togetic — Togekiss

Linking Cord

Graveler — Golem
Haunter — Gengar
Kadabra — Alakazam
Machoke — Machamp

Razor Claw

Johto Sneasel — Weavile (Nighttime)
Hisuian Sneasel — Sneasler (Daytime)

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Unique Items

Dubious Disc: Porygon2 — Porygon-Z
Electirizer: Electabuss — Electvire
Magmarizer: Magmar — Magmortar
Moon Stone: Clefairy — Clefable
Oval Stone: Happiny — Chansey
Peat Block: Ursaring — Ursaluna (Full Moon)
Protector: Rhydon — Rhyperior
Razor Fang: Gilgar — Glisor
Reaper Cloth: Dusclops — Dusknoir
Sun Stone: Petilil — Hisuian Lilligant
Upgrade: Porygon — Porygon2
Water Stone: Eevee — Vaporeon
Black Augurite: Scyther — Kleavor

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon With Learned Moves and Battle Requirements

This is kind of a weird requirement, but there are some Pokémon in Arceus that can only evolve when they learn a specific move or use a specific move a certain number of times in battles. If you wish to evolve these Pokémon, be sure to remain mindful of how you use them in combat and expand their moveset.

Pokémon that Evolve By Learning Specific Moves

Aipom — Ambipom: Double Hit (Level 25)
Bonsly — Sudowoodo: Mimic (Level 29)
Licktung — Lickylicky: Rollout (Level 34)
Mime Jr. — Mr. Mime: Mimic (Level 25)
Piloswine — Mamoswine: Ancient Power (Level 34)
Tangela — Tangrowth: Ancient Power (Level 34)
Yanma — Yanmega: Ancient Power (Level 34)

Pokémon that Evolve by Using Moves in Battle

Basculin — Basculegion: Use Double Edge to take and survive 300 points of damage
Qwilfish — Overqwil: Use Barb Barrage 20 times in Strong Style
Stantler — Wyrdeer: Use Psyshield Bash 20 times in Agile Style

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon With Relationships

Here’s another strange one.

There are some Pokémon in Arceus that can only evolve if your friendship with them is high enough. You can grow your friendship level with a Pokémon by using them more in battle, taking care of them, and spending more time with them, but there is no direct way to check your exact current friendship level with a Pokémon via menus. Instead, you’ll need to find an NPC named Belamy who can tell you your current friendship status with a specific Pokémon. You’ll meet Belamy during the Measuring your Compatibility quest, and you can find him at the Jubilife Village Pasture after that.

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Please note that the Pokémon Mantyke can only be evolved into Mantine if it’s in a party with a Remoraid.

Budew — Roselia
Buneary — Lopunny
Chingling — Chimecho
Cleffa — Clefairy
Eevee — Espeon (Daytime)
Eevee — Umbreon (Nighttime)
Eevee — Sylveon (With a Fairy-Type Move Equipped)
Golbat — Crobat
Muchlax — Snorlax
Pichu — Pikachu
Riolu — Lucario
Togepi — Togetic
Mantyke — Mantine (When it’s in a party with Remoraid)

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon at Specific Locations

Some Pokémon can only evolve if they are in very specific locations or in a general environment that unlocks their evolution option.

For instance, in the case of the Eevee evolutions, you can only evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon if you use the correct item on them at the locations listed below (same story with Magneton). Nosepass and Sliggoo just need to be in these specific areas to evolve beyond their current forms.

Eevee — Leafeon: Heartwood area of the Obsidian Fieldlands near a mossy rock landmark.
Eevee — Glaceon: Alabaster Icelands in the Bonechill Wastes. Go to the Icy Rock in the cavern.
Magneton — Magnezone: Coronet Highlands
Nosepass — Probopass: Coronet Highlands
Sliggoo — Goodra: anywhere when it’s raining, which it does commonly in the Crimson Mirelands and Cobalt Coastlands.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Every Pokémon With Specific Gender Requirements

Finally, there are some Pokémon in Arceus that evolve based on their gender. In other words, some genders of certain Pokemon evolve differently, and some genders of certain Pokémon can’t evolve at all.

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Burmy (Female) — Wormadam (Level 20)
Burmy (Male) — Mothim (Level 20)
Combee (Female) — Vespiquen (Level 21)
Kirlia (Male) — Gallade (Dawn Stone)
Snorunt (Female) — Froslass (Dawn Stone)