Pokémon Legends Arceus: What Are Space-Time Distortions?

The land of Hisui is full of Pokemon to catch, resources to collect, and challenges to overcome. If you’re looking for all three at once, search no further than Space-Time Distortions.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Space-Time Distortions
Photo: Nintendo

Unlike other mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place in the past, long before Poke Balls were mass produced and Pokemon became ingrained into civilization. Paradoxically, the main character hails from the “modern” era of the Pokemon world. How and why did they find themselves in the past? Probably has something to do with the Space-Time Distortions forming across Hisui.

After players defeat the game’s first Noble Pokemon, Kleavor, purple bubbles of swirling energy will start occasionally cropping up. These are known as Space-Time Distortions, and as their name suggests, they pull Pokemon and items out of different times and regions and plop them into Hisui. This gives players a prime opportunity to catch plenty of Pokemon that aren’t available otherwise, as well as get hurt since distortion Pokemon are extremely strong and just as pissed. Essentially, Space-Time Distortions are a high-risk challenge that provide equally-high rewards.

Since Space-Time Distortions pop up randomly and disappear just as quickly, you might not get a chance to fully experience them, at least not immediately. But, here’s everything you need to know about them — minus spoilers, of course.

Where Do Space-Time Distortions Form?

Space-Time Distortions pop up in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with neither rhyme nor reason. One second you are busy hunting for shiny Pokemon, the next you receive an in-game notification that “a space-time distortion” is forming. That message is your cue to open the map, as the Arc Phone can not only detect when the space-time continuum’s membrane thins but also where. If only our smartphones had an app like that.

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Of course, knowing where a Space-Time Distortion will form doesn’t do you much good unless you can reach it. Once the notification drops, you have five minutes to reach the area and another four minutes (give or take) before it dissipates. Luckily, those timers only tick down while you’re moving. Battles pause the countdown both in and out of the distortion.

Once a Space-time Distortion starts swilring, try to make a Combee line for the location because glorious treasures await.

What Are Space-Time Distortions Good For?

At first glance, the area swallowed by a Space-Time Distortion is mostly unchanged. The land is the same, untamed wilderness you have been exploring. The only immediately identifiable difference is that seemingly random Pokemon pop in and out of existence in a matter of seconds. That feature is the Space-Time Distortion’s selling point.

While most Trainers would gladly seek out Space-Time Distortions because of their Pokemon showers, their main draw is a handful of exclusive, anachronistic Pokemon. Many creatures that don’t normally appear in Hisui, such as Porygon, Cranidos, and Sneasel (the original one), are ripped out of time and space and plopped into the distortion, ripe for catching. Plus, Cyndaquil, Rowlett, and Oshawott appear in distortions after the story is finished. 

However, Space-Time Distortions aren’t just a cornucopia of catchable creatures. You can also find rare and exclusive items that can be sold for cash, such as Nuggets and Red Shards, as well as evolution items.

Depending on where the RNG spinner lands, some Space-Time Distortions are easier to reach than others, but no matter where they spawn, it’s always a good idea to hunt them down.

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