Nintendo Switch: How to Create Game Library Folders After Update 14.0.0

The 14.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch finally lets you organize your game library, but there are a few things you'll need to know about that process before diving in.

Nintendo Switch OLED
Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch’s latest firmware update, Version 14.0.0, finally adds a feature gamers have wanted for a long time: folders that allow them to organize their collections. This addition is a boon for anyone with a large game library, but the instructions for how to use it aren’t as readily available as some might like. That being the case, here’s a quick and easy guide that should help you use that new feature.

After you’ve installed Version 14.0.0, navigate to the “All Software” section from the “Home” screen (just scroll right and you will hit it eventually). From “All Software,” press the L button (not the ZL button), and the console will pull up the Groups tab. If you haven’t created a group folder yet (which is probably the case if you’re reading this article), a notification window will pop up and state that you can now sort your favorite games and other apps however you want. Just press the A button to start creating your first folder.

Before you can actually produce a folder for your games, you have to first select which titles will go in it. The console will pull up a list of every game, app, and software installed on the console, including archived programs. Scroll down the list and click on each app to select it. You can place up to 200 games and programs in any one folder. If for some reason you can’t find the title you want, though, scroll over to the “Search by Keyword” bar and enter the name of the program you’re looking for. You can also press the R button to sort games by publisher, title, playtime, and time last played. That function can also filter out grouped and archived software. After you have selected all the programs you want in a folder, either press the + button or select the “Next” option on the screen to continue.

Now you are in the final stretch. The Switch will ask you to rearrange titles so they appear in the folder in the order you wish. Simply select the program you want and move it around like a sliding puzzle. Repeat as needed. After that, you’ll either select “Next” or press the + button, enter the folder’s name (you can use up to 32 characters, including spaces), and you’re done. Congratulations; you’ve created your first folder. To quickly access the programs and games in it, press the L button from the “All Software” menu and select the folder you just made.

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If you want to create another folder, press the + button while on the “Groups” menu and repeat the above steps. But, what if you want to alter one game folder? Select the folder you wish to edit from the “Groups” menu, press the R button, and you can either add or remove programs from the folder, reorganize the folder, or rename it.

Unfortunately, you can’t access your game folders from the “Home” screen (that section is still organized by the most recent game you’ve played). Here’s hoping that Nintendo expands upon that feature in future updates.