Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Decks For the New Expansion Meta

Hearthstone's Voyage to the Sunken City expansion introduces a few ridiculously powerful decks that will shape the game's meta for months to come.

Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City
Photo: Activision Blizzard

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Hearthstone‘s latest expansion (Voyage to the Sunken City) is poised to drastically alter the game’s competitive meta thanks to the introduction of some truly powerful decks that already have the CCG’s best players scrambling to find counters and solutions.

While the release of any new Hearthstone expansion is reason enough to dive back into the game and start playing with all the new decks, Voyage to the Sunken City feels especially disruptive in the best way possible. Not only is it the first expansion of a new year (which means it will essentially help replace hundreds of cards that are “leaving” the game’s Standard format), but it introduces a variety of new concepts that could be busts or broken.

While Hearthstone players will likely continue to find new Sunken City decks and combos for weeks to come, these are a few of the Sunken City builds that are poised to dominate the meta at the start of the expansion.

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Hearthstone Demon Hunter

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Demon Hunter Decks

Fel Naga Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is in a weird spot at the start of the Sunken City expansion. The class has a few solid directions to go in, but there’s no one Demon Hunter build that really jumps out at the moment.

However, this Fel Naga Demon Hunter deck appears to be as “solid” as the class comes at the moment. It’s a fairly aggressive build relies on key Naga and Fel cards to set up big burst damage opportunities. While I worry about this deck’s consistency, I think it’s going to catch people off-guard in the early days of the expansion.

Fel Naga Demon Hunter Deck Code: AAECAea5AwaN9wPO+QOHiwTbuQT7vwSY1AQMwvEDifcDjPcDyIAEgZ8Eg58Etp8EjrAE7bEEh7cEmLoE+b8EAA==

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Deathrattle Demon Hunter decks lost a few key cards in Hearthstone‘s most recent rotation, but the addition of a few fascinating alternatives should help even things out.

Just as it was before, this Deathrattle deck is designed to allow you to consistently fill the board with very sticky minions that you’ll use to wear your opponent down over time. This deck’s card draw is worse than it was before, but the quality of the actual Deathrattle minions is shaping up to be a bit better than it has been in the past.

Deathrattle Demon Hunter Deck Code: AAECAea5AwS/7QOHiwT+vwSe1AQNu+0DvO0Dvu0D/e0DqO8Dr+8Di/cDqZEEyZ8E4aQE77EEtbME0bcEAA==

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Hearthstone Druid

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Druid Decks

Giant Druid

It seems safe to say that some version of this Giant Druid deck is going to find its way to the top of Hearthstone‘s meta. After all, it closely resembles several Druid decks of the past that proved to be nearly impossible to deal with.

Simply put, this deck is designed to allow you to cheat out massive minions as early as possible. It’s far more consistent than it has any right to be, and there are only a few cards that can deal with what this deck puts on the board once it gets rolling. You’re going to hate playing against this one, so you might as well just use it.

Giant Druid Deck Code: AAECAZICAomLBPG/BA6vgASwgASJnwTanwTKrATPrASNsgT2vQT5vQT/vQTwvwSuwASi1ATaoQUA

Bottomfeeder Druid

While I think this deck is a few cards away from being more than a gimmick, it’s a pretty great gimmick that could be fun to play around with in the early days of the Sunken City meta.

This deck’s main goal is to fill the board with a nearly infinite supply of Bottomfeeders as often and as early as possible. We’ve seen similar decks fail in the past due to consistency issues, but Druid just might have the tools needed to make that basic strategy work in all but one notable matchup we’ll discuss in just a bit.

Bottomfeeder Druid Deck Code: AAECAZICBKT2A7uKBImLBOWwBA227APJ9QOvgASJnwTanwS4oASwpQTPrAT2vQT6vQT/vQSuwASA1AQA

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Hunter Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Hunter Decks

Barbed Nets Quest Hunter

A lot of Hearthstone players have been sleeping on Quest Hunter decks in recent weeks, but this version of that concept will almost certainly wake quite a few people up.

There are a couple of different ways to build this deck, but the basic concept remains the same. You’re looking to fulfill your class’ quest goal as quickly as possible, turn your hero power into a Gatling gun, and use Hunter’s various damage-dealing spells (including the powerful Barbed Nets card) to finish just about any opponent in a turn or two while they wonder where they went wrong.

Barbed Nets Quest Hunter Deck Code: AAECAR8C5e8D/fgDDtzqA9vtA/f4A6iBBKuNBKmfBKqfBOOfBOSfBLugBMGsBJmtBJ2wBIzUBAA=

Big Beasts Hunter

To be perfectly honest, this is another one of those decks that I think will be a little too slow, a little too inconsistent, and a little too gimmicky to dominate the meta in its current form.

Still, this is a fun deck to play if you love filling your board with big minions and pulling off massive swing turns out of nowhere. It’s always fun to find ways to cheat out those big beasts that Hunters struggle to play on curve, and that’s what this particular deck is all about.

Big Beasts Hunter Deck Code: AAECAR8G25EE4Z8E2qME5bAE57kEm8kEDOrpA6uNBKmfBOOfBOSfBNejBOWkBMCsBJmtBMC5BIPIBI+kBQA=

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Hearthstone Mage

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Mage Decks

Naga Mage

I doubt that this is the final form of this particular deck, but there’s no doubt that some version of “Naga Mage” is going to sit at the top of Hearthstone‘s meta for quite some time to come.

The new Spitelash Siren card lets Naga Mage players refund a lot of their recently spent mana and deal a ton of damage over just a couple of turns. This deck is seriously scary and will likely only be countered by a couple of “survivability” decks that may or may not be worth playing.

Naga Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EAtu5BKneBA7U6gPQ7AOu9wOy9wOKjQT8ngTtsQSEsgSIsgS8sgSWtwTcuQThuQSywQQA

Fire and Ice Mage

I actually like some of the new Mech Mage deck concepts I’ve seen floating around, but this spell-based build feels like a better overall option.

This is just an evolution of the existing “Hero Power” Mage deck that has consistently been at the top of the Hearthstone meta for a couple of months now. While that deck lost a few key cards during the most recent rotation, the recent additions of Blizzard, Pyromaniac, and Murkwater Scribe might actually make it better than ever.

Fire and Ice Mage Deck Code: AAECAf0EBdjsA53uA6CKBPyeBJjUBAzS7APT7APW7APO+QOSgQSTgQSfkgShkgTtsQTx0wSd1ASFpAUA

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Paladin Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Paladin Decks

Holy Buffs Paladin

While there will be a few great Paladin decks available at the start of the Sunken City meta, it’s going to be hard to beat this “Holy” deck that is poised to absolutely wreck most opponents.

This buff-based deck has the draw, minions, and spells needed to consistently generate powerful plays at an aggressive pace without sacrificing too much late-game power. Unless you’re playing a deck that is blessed with a ton of healing and minion removal options, you’re going to struggle to counter this build.

Holy Buffs Paladin Deck Code: AAECAZ8FBvvoA5HsA8f5A+CLBLCyBKHiBAzM6wPw9gON+AO2gASanwTJoAThpAT5pATVrATXvQTavQTw8QQA

Mech Paladin

Essentially a Mech-based alternative to the deck mentioned above, this build is designed to turn a few of the new Mech cards in the Sunken City expansion into cheap powerhouses.

I worry that this particular build might be too gimmicky to rise above its more consistent cousin, but it will steamroll through most opponents whenever the stars align.

Mech Paladin Deck Code: AAECAZ8FBKL4A+WwBLCyBOy6BA3w9gOq+APD+QPWoAT0pAT5pASStQThtQTeuQTUvQSywQTa0wTa2QQA

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Priest Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Priest Decks

Silence Priest

This absurdly powerful deck combines the two most annoying things in Hearthstone history: silence effects and buffed Priest minions.

While this deck has the Silence spells needed to counter most buff-based and Deathrattle decks, the thing that makes this deck so dangerous is the way it uses many of its Silence effects to cheat out powerful minions or deal sudden bursts of damage. It’s way better than some players are giving it credit for.

Silence Priest Deck Code: AAECAa0GAoujBOWwBA7B+QPH+QOsigStigTgoASEowSJowTUpASNtQSitgSjtgS4tgS+3AT28QQA

Dragon Control Priest

While this isn’t the best Control Priest concept we’ve seen in recent Hearthstone expansions, there’s very little doubt that this deck will be a consistent contender.

The return of Drakonid Operative makes it easier than ever to justify running some of the Priest exclusive Dragon cards that were already pretty good to begin with. While this deck isn’t blessed with the board clear options that previous Control Priest builds benefited from, it has the minions needed to apply a steady stream of pressure to most opponents.

Dragon Control Priest Deck Code: AAECAa0GAoSwBIikBQ6b6wOe6wOH9wOI9wOtigSFnwTBnwSKowS6rATIrATUrAT28QSGpAWHpAUA

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Rogue Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Rogue Decks

Aggro Pirate Rogue

Some are already arguing that Pirate Rogue will be the most powerful new deck in the Sunken City expansion, and I tend to agree with most of those assertions. The big question at the moment is, “Which Pirate Rogue deck is the best of them all?”

While the slightly slower Pirate Rogue decks out there may end up making a splash, I tend to prefer this aggressive version of that concept that isn’t as dependent on a few key combos. There’s a very good chance that you’ll kill opponents with this deck before you’re able to even play the new Legendary card (Pirate Admiral Hooktusk) that it’s built around, which is really all you need to know about its power level.

Aggro Pirate Rogue Deck Code: AAECAaIHBL+ABO2ABPuKBK+2BA2q6wOh9AO9gAT2nwT3nwTuoASKsAS3swSgtgSywQSKyQSY2wSa2wQA

Thief Rogue

I’m not entirely sold on the Thief Rogue concept that some of that class’ fans seem to be really excited about, but it’s worth highlighting this build just in case you can find some ways to refine it.

Like previous Thief Rogue decks, this build is designed to allow you to “steal” as many cards from your opponent as possible in order to keep your hand full at all times (or close enough to that). While I worry that this deck lacks a proper finisher, it could have the tempo needed to wear most opponents down.

Thief Rogue Deck Code: AAECAaIHBqH5A+2ABPuKBNu5BJjbBIukBQyq6wOh9AO9gAT2nwS7pAT7pQTspwT5rASEsgS3swSgtgSMpAUA

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Shaman Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Shaman Decks

Token Bloodlust Shaman

The return of the always-powerful Bloodlust spell means that most Shaman players will probably be looking for aggressive decks that allow them to fill their side of the board with minions just waiting to strike. So far as that goes, this might be your best option.

There’s really not a lot to this deck (it’s all about using as many Bloodlust spells as possible on as many friendly minions as possible), but it just might have the right combination of minion and spell-based burst damage needed to really ruin someone’s day.

Token Bloodlust Shaman Deck Code: AAECAaoIBMORBJegBOm2BNu5BA3TgASogQS5kQSVkgTckgTblAT5nwS8tgSNugSH1ASk1ASZ2wTy3QQA

Battlecry Control Shaman

I’m fairly convinced that some version of Battlecry Shaman is going to be viable in the Sunken City meta, but I’m not certain anyone has found the definitive version of that concept.

Still, this deck seems to be pretty close to the optimized version of that build. Thanks to the return of Brann Bronzebeard, this Battlecry-based deck is capable of getting even more value out of Shaman’s already valuable Battlecry minions. I worry it’s a bit too slow, but the potential is undeniable.

Battlecry Control Shaman Deck Code: AAECAaoICKbvA4b6A8ORBJegBNu5BJbUBJjUBPCuBQvTgAS5kQSVkgTckgT5nwS8tgSWtwSNugSH1ASk1ASZ2wQA

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Warlock Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Warlock Decks

Cursed Handlock Warlock

Some Hearthstone players have expressed concerns regarding the viability of “Cursed” decks, but I think the concept is just a little bit better than it sometimes gets credit for.

This build is designed to fill your opponents’ decks with curses that will slowly wear them down as the match goes on. You have to find the perfect times to play those curse-generating cards, but the right strategy will help you win the majority of matchups.

Cursed Handlock Warlock Deck Code: AAECAf0GCvLtA6bvA4L7A4f7A7CRBMeyBOa9BJvJBJbUBJjUBArA+QPG+QP++gOD+wPnoAT8rAT+tATivQSd1ASf1AQA

“Murlock” Warlock

Look, I’m not happy about the idea of Murlocs creeping their way into yet another Hearthstone meta, but that doesn’t mean this “Murlock” deck doesn’t look promising.

Like every other Murloc deck before it, this build is looking to win the match relatively early on with the help of a small army of Murlocs and their many wonderful synergies. Unlike other Murloc builds, this one has just enough late-game potential to survive the occasional slow start.

“Murlock” Warlock Deck Code: AAECAf0GApPoA+WwBA6U6AOroATboAThpAT0sQTVsgS+tASAtQTjvQSywQScxwTu0wSe1AT+2AQA

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Warrior Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Best Voyage to the Sunken City Warrior Decks

Pirate Quest Warrior

Once again, some version of a Pirate Warrior deck looks poised to dominate the Hearthstone meta and make everyone wonder why those cards keep getting made.

This isn’t the most aggressive Pirate Warrior I’ve ever seen, but it might just be the most consistent. There still aren’t many great ways to deal with a Warrior’s Pirate-based Quest, and the addition of the new Legendary card Nellie, the Great Thresher gives this deck the kind of late-game option it never really had before.

Pirate Quest Warrior Deck Code: AAECAQcEju8DmPYDv4AEjskEDf7nA5X2A5b2A5f2A8/7A5yBBKaKBK2gBK+gBIqwBKmzBJC3BLLBBAA=

Reno Warrior

I’m worried that Reno/Highlander decks aren’t going to be as viable at the start of Sunken City as I’d like them to be, but this is one of the most interesting versions of that concept that I’ve seen so far.

Control Warrior players often struggle with deciding which of that class’ many great cards they want to cut, and this build helps ensure that they get to have one copy of pretty much everything. It might not end up being the definitive Control Warrior build, but it is the version of that deck you might have the most fun with.

Reno Warrior Deck Code: AAECAQcej+8D1fEDxfUDlvYDm4EEvIoEn5UEn58Eh6AEiKAEiaAE0qwEirAE5bAEx7IEsbMEuLMElLQEi7cEjLcEjrcEkLcEkrcE870EjskEm8kEjdQEkNQEmtQEn9QEAAA=

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