Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Decks For Every Class

Hearthstone's Festival of Legends expansion introduces a ton of powerful new decks. Here are some of the best.

Hearthstone Festival of Legends
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Many Hearthstone expansions are exciting in their early days, but Festival of Legends feels special. Its theme is fantastic, its artwork is exceptional, and it is introducing a ton of new cards that will become the centerpieces of exciting new decks.

We’re obviously focusing on those decks today. While the Hearthstone meta is always changing, recent theorycrafting events, data, and old-fashioned experience suggest that these will be some of the best decks in the early days of the Festival of Legends expansion.

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Death Knight Decks

Climatic Necrotic Explosion Hearthstone

Climatic Necrotic Explosion Rainbow DK

This “Rainbow” Death Knight uses Frost, Blood, and Undead cards to trigger the effect of the new Legendary spell: Climactic Necrotic Explosion. While that card is incredibly expensive and tricky to properly trigger, its effect is powerful enough to justify running what was already a pretty solid decklist for DK fans. This concept may require some tweaking, but there is obvious and powerful synergy at play here.

Deck Code: AAECAYjaBQiJ5gTipAXLpQXNpQWhqgWvwwX0yAX8+QULlrcEssEE8OMEseYEh/YEsvcEs/cEtPcEopkFlaoF4MgFAA==

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Cage Head Hearthstone

Cage Head OTK

As the name implies, this deck is built around the new Legendary card, Cage Head. Specifically, this deck is trying to trigger Cage Head’s Deathrattle as often as possible via various combos. The dream is to fill your board with the Charge minions that Cage Head spawns, but even lesser versions of that strategy should be able to win you quite a few games.  

Deck Code – AAECAYjaBQioigS4igT47AStogXCpQXNpQWBwwWYxAULoaAEh7cE8OME/+MEkeQEvPAE0/EEh/YEnqoF88gF4NAFAA==

Screaming Banshee Hearthstone

Triple Blood DK

Our old pal Blood DK returns with…very few new tricks. However, this is one archetype that remains as strong as it was before and got just enough new cards to be slightly better than ever. This deck is performing especially well against some of the new control decks out there.

Deck Code – AAECAfHhBAjlsASW1ASJ5gSX7wSk7wSE9gTipAWeqgUQlrcE9OME/eMEieQElOQEj+0Eh/YEsvcEs/cEvvcEtvoEq4AFopkF8cIFyMcF16IGAAA=

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Demon Hunter Decks

Glaivetar Hearthstone

Outcast Demon Hunter

Festival of Legends is clearly trying to push Demon Hunter’s Outcast effect more than recent expansions have. The result is this potentially broken aggressive deck that is able to generate a ton of pressure and regularly replenish its resources. This could very well be the strongest deck in the early days of the expansion. 


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Halveria Darkraven Hearthstone

Token Rush Demon Hunter

While I’ve yet to see a token-based Demon Hunter deck that reaches that concept’s full potential, this is definitely an exciting version of that concept. Cards like Security! give this deck the extra resources it often needs, while Halveria Darkraven offers a much-needed win condition. It’s meta-dependent, but this archetype looks like it could be a lot of fun. 

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwL7vwTn9QUOgJ8E1p8Es6AEtKAE7KAElrcE+b8Ej5IFk6QFjaUFpMMF8MMF9MMF4fgFAA==

Going Down Swinging Hearthstone

Relic Demon Hunter

This variation on the classic Demon Hunter Relic package is surprisingly strong at the moment. It just features so many ways to attack the opponent, and its survivability and removal options are almost as good as what you’ll find in pure control decks. It’s just a fantastic overall option that plays well against almost everything.

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwaDnwT7vwSVkgWdpAX3wwXa0AUMtp8E7KAEr94EsN4EquIEheUEhpIFiZIFi5IFkJIF4fgF4/gFAA==

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Druid Decks

Free Spirit Hearthstone

Hero Power Druid

People are torn on the new Hero Power Druid concept. It’s not nearly as strong as the recent armor-based combo Druid deck, but it seems capable of generating a consistent amount of pressure throughout the game. While you will suffer if you don’t draw certain cards at the right time, this looks to be the best overall Druid option at the moment. 

Deck Code: AAECAZICAr6YBargBQ6JnwSunwTanwS5oASuwATB3wS8mAXuowX83wX93wWK4AWR4AWp4AWt4QUA

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Summer Flowerchild Hearthstone

Beetlejuice Druid

If you’re looking for something a little different, give this Ramp Druid build a shot. It uses the new Audio Amplifier card to trigger Death Beetle’s powerful Manathirst effect and even runs Photographer Fizzle as a backup win condition option. It’s a little slow and pretty gimmicky, but the potential for this core concept is certainly there. 

Deck Code: AAECAZICBOKkBcbHBazRBavgBQ2JnwSunwT/vQSuwATB3wTrowXuowX83wX93wWC4AWK4AWR4AWp4AUA

Spread the Word Hearthstone

Jailer Ramp Druid

This Ramp Druid variation tries to make the most out of the Jailer/Tony, King of Piracy combo that destroys your opponent’s deck. It’s not necessarily the best version of that concept, but it does have the armor and card draw needed to get to that win condition relatively quickly.

Deck Code: AAECAZICBp2gBKbvBL6YBeKkBc3QBargBQyJnwSunwTanwSuwATB3wS8mAXuowX83wX93wWK4AWR4AWp4AUAAA==

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Hunter Decks

Mister Mukla Hearthstone

Big Beast Hunter

To be blunt, Big Beast Hunter is likely the most powerful deck in Festival of Legends. It takes an already strong archetype and makes it significantly more powerful thanks to the introduction of the game-changing Mister Mukla Legendary card. Seriously, Mukla is probably the best Hunter Legendary card ever and he will be a terror for the foreseeable future. 


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Naga Hunter

If you’re looking for an aggressive alternative to Big Beast Hunter, give this Naga build a shot. It makes the most of some of the class’ new Naga synergy cards and offers a few different ways to push out steady minion and spell damage. This should just be a solid overall midrange/aggressive deck. 

Deck Code: AAECAR8E27kEhskE4qQF9MgFDbugBJ2wBIiyBJa3BOC5BMDTBKeQBaqkBefKBejKBeT1BdL4BbCeBgA=

Jungle Jammer Hearthstone

Face Hunter

Finally, here is a good old-fashioned Face Hunter. This is a more spell-heavy version of the aggressive hunter concept, though it can still get in quite a bit of minion damage. It’s a good deck for climbing the ladder at the moment, though it might be outclassed once things settle down.


Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Mage Decks

Lightshow Mage

Lightshow Mage

As the name implies, this deck is trying to cast as many copies of Lightshow as possible. While those first few copies of Lightshow will only be moderately useful, every version of the card you cast after that will be a mini nuclear missile. Copying Lightshow enough times to maximize its effect can be tricky, but it’s actually much more consistent than you might think. 

Deck Code: AAECAf0EAovnA5egBA7a0ATb3gSCkwWEkwXFkwXKkwWrmAWCogWWtwWmwwXgwwXoxQXQ+AXTngYA

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DJ Manastorm Hearthstone

DJ Manastorm Big Spell Mage

Do you like big spells? Do you like casting big spells for cheap? If so, this DJ Manastorm deck is for you. By using that Legendary minion’s powerful Battlecry, this deck allows you to throw Pyroblasts at your opponent’s face for little-to-no extra mana. If that doesn’t kill them, the rest of this deck should help you to wear them down. 

Deck Code: AAECAf0EBNu5BK2iBeDDBeD1BQ3CoATw0wTx0wTK3gTb3gSEkwWqmAWAwgWvxAXoxQXQ+AXe+AXf+AUA

Audio Splitter Hearthstone

Mech Mage

Though not as powerful as previous Mech Mage concepts, this deck does seem to be one of the more reliable mage options at the moment. It’s definitely more aggressive, but you don’t need a perfect start to make it work.


Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Paladin Decks

Starlight Groove Hearthstone

Big Groove Paladin

There’s not an obvious best Paladin deck at the moment, though I suspect Pure Paladin will be popular in the early days of the expansion. This slower Paladin build goes in a different direction, though, by emphasizing big minions and Holy spells. It could end up being too slow for its own good, but there are incredible synergies here that seem too powerful to ignore.


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Jitterbug Hearthstone

Divine Aggro Paladin

Sticking with the Divine Shield package, this deck builds upon an already impressive aggressive Paladin strategy by using Divine Shield to offer a little more board protection. If you’re able to get the cards you need during your first few turns, it’s going to be very difficult for your opponent to steal your momentum and take control of the game. 


Boogie Down Hearthstone

Dude Paladin

As the name implies, Dude Paladin just wants to summon a bunch of minions and destroy the opponent with them. Thankfully, it excels at doing just that. This is a fantastic aggressive deck that builds upon a previously successful strategy in meaningful ways.


Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Priest Decks

Love Everlasting Hearthstone

Control Thief Priest

I’m not entirely sold on Priest’s new Overheal mechanic, especially with the current cards that support that strategy. However, you will find a few of those cards in this control deck that also relies on Priest’s surprisingly strong “steal” cards. This deck generates a ton of resources and excels at controlling the board while finding a win condition through the cards you steal. 

Deck Code: AAECAa0GCuWwBKG2BKi2BMXkBO+RBeqUBa/DBc/GBcbHBbieBgq+nwSywQTy2wT52wS43AT+7gSGgwWHpAWUxAW7xAUA

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Fight Over Me Hearthstone

Shadow Undead Priest

The downside to this deck is that it doesn’t run a ton of new cards. The upside to this deck is that it’s a better version of a deck that was already very powerful. You won’t win a lot of love for playing this familiar aggro deck in the early days of the expansion, but you will probably win quite a few games.


Overkill Priest

Overkill Priest

This aggressive Overheal Priest deck does have some consistency issues, but it’s capable of some pretty nutty things. If your first few turns go your way, it’s going to be difficult for your opponent to ever get back on the board. Give it a shot if you’re into that style of play.


Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Rogue Decks

Freebird Hearthstone

Freebird Rogue

Rogue is in a weird spot at the moment. They got some potentially devastating new cards, but they also lost a ton of valuable cards in the recent rotation. This deck tries to make the most out of those new cards by running them alongside Freebird: a powerful charge minion that gets stronger the more times you play it. If you enjoy playing with Rogue’s bounce and “miracle” effects, this could be the (slightly gimmicky) deck for you. 

Deck Code: AAECAaIHAsygBe7DBQ72nwT3nwS3swT13QTBoQX0wQXMwwXawwXfwwXowwXcxgXA+AW9ngbZogYA

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MC Blingtron Hearthstone

Pirate Rogue

There are certainly more exciting Rogue decks to try early on, but this Pirate list is solid. It’s definitely a more aggressive deck, but it has the juice needed to survive in the late game if the match lasts that long. I doubt this one will break the meta, but it should be reliable if you just need some quick wins. 

Deck Code: AAECAaIHAq+2BOvDBQ72nwT3nwSvoATuoASvswS3swTVtgSKyQT90wSY2wSa2wTXowXTsgXWngYA

Breakdance Hearthstone

Bounce Around

If Freebird isn’t cutting it and you still want to play with Rogue’s new “bounce” cards, give this deck a shot. It’s a kind of combo/Miracle deck that relies on battery damage and big minion hits to slowly break an opponent’s will. Unless you get stuck with a truly awful hand of nothing but effects, you should be able to play your strategy out before entering the danger zone.

Deck Code: AAECAd75AwaRnwTlsASX7wTipAXuwwW+ngYR9p8E958Et7ME3NoE3doE9d0Ew+MEwaEF9MEFwcMFzMMF38MF6MMFwPgFup4Gu54GvZ4GAAA=

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Shaman Decks

Jive Insect Hearthstone

Overload Ragnaros Shaman

Shaman got a ton of fun cards in this expansion, and this deck features quite a few of them. It’s not the most gimmicky version of the Overload Shaman package that should be popular in the early days of the expansion, but it is a solid way to get quite a bit of mileage out of that archetype. You can make some crazy things happen with this deck when the stars align, but it’s built to hold its own as a control-style deck during less ideal matchups as well. 

Deck Code: AAECAaoICKiKBICgBJegBJfvBLjFBc/IBcjQBbLRBRDq5wP5nwT6nwT9nwTgtQTGzgSF1ASr7QSdxQW+0AXE0AX00AWl0QW/ngbAngbmngYA

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Saxaphone Soloist Hearthstone

Totem/Murloc Shaman

Some version of Totem Shaman will likely end up being fairly powerful in this expansion. While I don’t know if that deck archetype will end up relying on Murlocs as this deck does, the synergy between those tribes seems to be powerful. The Murloc package also helps deal with some of the card draw/card generation issues that other Totem Shaman builds will likely need to deal with at some point. 


Zoo Shaman

Another aggressive version of Shaman, this deck is trying to fill the board with as many minion types as possible in order to build towards its finishers. Part of the reason this version of this concept works so well is that Shamans have access to the powerful Totem type that synergies well with this strategy. Give it a shot if you’re looking for Zoo-style deck.

Deck Code: AAECAejwBAL0oAWvwwUO1bIE+rQE4LUEssEExc4E8t0EoJkF5qMFhaoFlaoFlrcF4s0FwdAF2tAFAAA=

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Warlock Decks

Symphony of Sins Hearthstone

Imp Warlock

Much like Shaman, Warlock got a ton of fun new cards in this expansion. This deck isn’t the most gimmicky use of those cards (that’s coming next), but it might be the most reliable. While this Imp deck is ultimately more aggressive, it uses some of Warlock’s new and returning cards to offer the kind of late-game punch that previous versions of this deck lacked. It should be powerful in the early days of the expansion. 


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Crescendo Hearthstone

Fatigue Jailer Warlock

If you really want to have some fun with Warlock in Festival of Legends, give this deck a shot. It uses Warlock’s new fatigue cards to create massive swing turns that get you into the late game. Once you’re there, you can use The Jailer and Symphony of Sins to generate the kind of powerful turns many opponents won’t be able to answer. It’s a risky deck, but it’s a fun one. 

Deck Code: AAECAf0GCKiKBPXHBJfvBKbvBLjFBfnGBc3QBcWeBhCPnwSxnwTnoASy7QSlkgWBrQXHwgXIwgXdwgXmxQXyxgX0xgXI6wXC+AXDngbEngYA

Big Demon Control

This variation on the control Warlock strategy focuses more on summoning big minions and less on the new Fatigue package. It’s very, very powerful and surprisingly reliable in just about every matchup. It could very well be the best overall Warlock deck at the moment.

Deck Code: AAEBAf0GBuWwBKbvBM6SBcKlBfnGBcWeBgyPnwTnoASOkgWlkgWFkwXUlQX0xgXI6wXC+AXDngbPngbXogYA

Hearthstone: Best Festival of Legends Warrior Decks

Rock Master Voone Hearthstone

Menagerie Warrior

Of the two major Warrior archetypes that are going around at the moment, I think this version of Menagerie Warrior from Brian Kibler might be the most reliable. It’s a strange-looking deck, but once you figure out how to manage the various minion types this build relies on, you’ll find that it’s one of the most potentially powerful midrange decks in the expansion. This thing can generate a ton of card draw and some truly powerful swing turns out of nowhere. 


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Blackrock and Roll Hearthstone

Blackrock and Roll Big Warrior

As much as I long for the glory days of Big Warrior and Control Warrior, I’m not sure if the class can afford to be quite as greedy as it once was. However, I do think the next Blackrock and Roll card will be the centerpiece of the kind of viable slower Warrior deck we haven’t seen in a long time.  This is a particularly greedy version of that deck, but if you’re going to play an inherently greedy deck, you might as well go all out. Realistically, this deck will be defeated most often by combo decks and bad luck. Expect to see more of the latter. 


Kodohide Drumkit

Tony Warrior

If you love gimmick decks, this is definitely the one for you. The goal of this deck is to destroy your opponent’s deck via a three-card, late-game combo that plays out over multiple turns. No, it’s not very reliable. Yes, it can work, and, when it does, it beats pretty much every deck in the game. This is basically a punishment deck for any Control opponents.