Google Stadia: 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Service

Google Stadia will launch in November, with a subscription-based pricing system and heaps of games...

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Google has announced an impressive game-streaming platform called Stadia, which will enable you to play major video games on any device, using an online stream (connected to Google’s powerful Data Centers) that will bypass the need for a console or a powerful PC.

With Stadia, you’ll be able to play games on your tablet, laptop, TV, or PC via the magic of the internet. You’ll also be able to play on select mobiles, although the service will be playable exclusively on the Google Pixel 3/3A before spreading onto other devices. 1080p and 4K resolutions are expected to be available at launch, with plans in place for Stadia to tackle 8K at some point in the future. 

The data-processing power at play here is so immense that Google promises you’ll be able to click a “Play Now” button at the end of a YouTube video game trailer and start playing that game within five seconds. You’ll also be able to share a link to any playable moment in a game to let your friends have a go

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Stadia has a lot of other cool features, including a snazzy controller that can connect to the Google Assistant, which will allow you to ask for help if you get stuck on a tough level. Stadia will also allow you to live stream your gaming experience on the internet (without needing any extra kit), or watch your mates’ screens alongside your own, or even jump into a game with your favorite YouTube personalities.

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If you’ve got questions about Stadia, hopefully, this article will help you find the answers…

Google Stadia Price: It’s a mix of subscription and a la carte

There are three different ways to buy into Stadia, it would seem…

Ad – content continues below confirms that a Stadia Pro subscription will set you back $9.99 per month. For this monthly payment, you’ll be able to access a library of games to which additional titles will be added regularly. It is also mentioned that you can “buy games whenever you want,” which suggests that some titles – presumably brand new releases – will need to be bought separately to your subscription. 

If you don’t fancy another monthly direct debit, Stadia Base lets you to access Stadia for free and buy any games that tickle your fancy. With this membership, however, you will not be able to play the library of existing games that Stadia Pro members have access to. You’ll also only be able to stream at 1080p.

There is also a special Stadia Founder’s Edition bundle being offered at a price of $120 on the Stadia website. This package gets you a limited edition “night blue” Stadia controller, early access to Stadia, a Chromecast Ultra that will let you play on your TV, access to Destiny 2: The Collection, three months subscription to the Stadia Pro library, and the option to extend your pass to include a buddy. You also get first dibs on choosing your Stadia name.

Stadia controllers will cost $69 USD on their own.

Google Stadia Games: Which titles will be on the platform?

The following games have been listed on, confirming that they are heading to the service… 

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DOOM Eternal

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Destiny 2

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Baldur’s Gate 3

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The Crew 2

The Division 2

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Trials Rising


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Borderlands 3

Farming Simulator 19

Mortal Kombat 11

Rage 2



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Tomb Raider Trilogy

Darksiders Genesis

Just Dance 2020

As more games are announced, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Google Stadia Broadband Requirements: What speed will we need?

Google has confirmed that you will need at least a 10 MBPS internet connection in order to play Stadia at 720p resolution. A 1080p resolution will require you to have a 20 MBPS internet connection while playing in 4K at 60 FPS will demand a 35 MBPS connection. 

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You can check your connection against the Stadia requirements through Google at this link.

Google Stadia Crossplay: Can you connect with Xbox, PS4, PC, and Switch?

Fortnite hasn’t been announced for Stadia yet, but it’s a prime example of a game that people are used to playing in a cross-platform way, competing with their friends across the console divide. Rocket League, also yet to be confirmed for Stadia, is another cross-platform darling that has proven this sort of bridge-building play is possible.

Thankfully, Google promised during the Stadia announcement presentation that cross-platform play will be key to all its plans. Winningly, Google has also ensured gamers that Stadia will employ a cross-save system, so you can play a game on your laptop and then load up from the same point on your phone later on, and vice versa. 

Destiny 2 will be the first example of those cross-save features. Players will be able to transfer their character progress from console and PC versions to Stadia so that starting over from scratch on the platform isn’t a necessity.

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Google Stadia Release Date: When will it go live?

Although Google hasn’t announced a firm release date for Stadia, it has promised on that people who purchase the Stadia Founder’s Edition will receive their products in November 2019.

So, if the hype train reaches high speeds, we can imagine quite a few of those special Stadia controllers winding up under Christmas trees. Until then, as more morsels of information arrive, and as the answers to our remaining questions start to come into focus, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest Stadia news…