Fall Guys: How to Enable Crossplay and Cross-Progression

Now that Fall Guys is free on multiple platforms, it’s finally time to waddle, leap, and stumble your way to victory with a little help from the game's new crossplay and cross-progression options.

Fall Guys
Photo: Epic Games

Most battle royale games function in roughly the same way: 100 players skydive into a large open arena and compete with one another for weapons and resources. Last one alive wins. Since many of the biggest battle royale games are available on most gaming platforms, they also typically support invaluable crossplay and cross-progression features. While Fall Guys doesn’t play like most other battle royales, the game’s latest update means that it finally supports those same cross-platform features.

Fall Guys offers a unique combination of party game and battle royale. Each session sees 60 players control balanced-challenged bean people (with extremely freaky skeletons) and compete against one another in various contests that range from obstacle course races to elaborate games of keep away.

Originally, Fall Guys was a pay-to-play title released exclusively for PCs and PlayStation consoles. However, on May 16, the game’s developers rolled two big announcements into one. Not only did they reveal that the game would soon be released on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, but they even confirmed the title’s long-awaited transition to a free-to-play format complete with crossplay and cross-progress support. At long last, PC players could compete against their PlayStation-owning friends while showing off cute character skins. Of course, since crossplay and cross-progression are kinda new to the game, most players still don’t know how they work.

As with other multiplayer titles, crossplay lets gamers compete against friends on other consoles, while cross-progression lets them retain their account progress across multiple platforms. But before Fall Guys players can utilize either system, they will need to create an Epic Games account. After all, Epic Games bought the Fall Guys development team, and they’re not about to let you enjoy the game without you handing over a little information.

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After you have created an Epic account, or logged into your existing account, you’ll want to head over to the main Epic Games website. There, hover the mouse cursor over your username until a dropdown menu appears. Next, click on “Accounts.” On the accounts page, click on “Connections” and then select “Accounts.” This page will let you link your Epic Games store account with the console account of your choice (Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo). Click on the “Connect” button under the account you want to link, and the website will ask you to confirm. Just click “Link Account,” and a new tab will open asking you to log into your non-Epic account. If you’ve done everything correctly, Fall Guys will automatically link to your account when you log in. So, if you play Fall Guys on the PlayStation one day, you can still play on the Nintendo Switch the next day without fear of losing costumes or ranks.

That settles the cross-progression set-up process, but what about crossplay? Luckily, that feature is turned on by default, so you technically don’t have to bounce between menus just to enable it. However, if you would rather play against opponents who own the same console as you, go to Fall Guys’ Main Menu (the gear icon at the top of the screen), select “Options,” and then turn “Cross-Platform Matchmaking” to “Off.” While this could help you avoid potential cheaters and hackers (depending on which platforms you’re playing on), it will significantly increase the time it takes to gather enough players for a round. That latter problem may become more of an issue as the free-to-play version of the game gets a bit older and people start to lose interest.

As long as you have crossplay active, not only can you participate against opponents on any platform, but you can even invite friends playing the game to join your team, regardless of which platform they’re playing on. Just go to the Team Menu (the icon with several faces and a “+” symbol), select any of the “Invite” buttons, scroll down to the friend you want on your side, and press “Invite.”

That’s really all you need to know about crossplay and cross-progression in Fall Guys. Have fun and happy waddling.