Diablo 4: How to Carry Over Your Renown Rewards

While the hero who saved Sanctuary from Lilith can’t participate in the Season of Blood, you can transfer all of your unlocked waypoints, potion upgrades, and skill points.

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Photo: Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4’s newest season, the Season of Blood, just launched, and anyone who wants to participate needs to start over from scratch (sort of). As with the previous season, players need to create a new character if they want to rake in the seasonal rewards and participate in the new story missions. However, once again, players won’t lose all of their progress if they do so, just most of it. The stuff that counts will remain intact.

While some of Diablo 4’s progression takes the form of class skills, character levels, and loot, much of the progression is tied to Renown rewards. As players explore the game, complete side quests and dungeons, and unlock waypoints and Altars of Lilith, they earn Renown. Each region has its own Renown track, which includes rewards such as Skill Points, Potion Charges, Obols, and Paragon Points. The more players fill out their completionist checklist in each region, the more Renown rewards they earn. And, these prizes carry over.

To transfer Renown to your Season of the Blood character, you only need to complete two steps: Log into your character with the most progression, and then create a new seasonal character. That’s it. Logging in to your main character creates a snapshot of your gameplay achievements, and rolling a new class photocopies it. Whether you want to take a new class out for a spin or experience the new season (or both) this feature cuts down on some of the grind.

Once you have made sure to copy your main character’s Renown over to your new character, all that’s left to do is claim the rewards. From the map screen, open “Region Progress” (“W” on PC). The game will then tell you what Renown rewards you can acquire, so just pick them until you’re done. As with the non-seasonal characters, some rewards are locked behind World Tier 3, so keep that in mind when rolling a new character.

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While you will still have to level up any characters you create for the Season of Blood, if you transfer Renown over to them (and you should), you will progress through it faster than players who don’t.

It also seems that some players are reporting that their Renown is not carrying over to the second season. If your Diablo 4 Renown is not carrying over to your Season 2 Realm, it’s likely not the result of a bug. Instead, it seems that the game simply doesn’t update your character’s Renown screen to reflect your previously earned rewards.

So, you will still have access to all of your extra Skill Points, Obols, Health Potion charges, Paragon Points, and all the other major Renown rewards associated with your “linked” character as soon as you create your Season 2 character (assuming you followed the process noted above). However, those rewards may not show as being unlocked on the Renown screen. Furthermore, you will still need to acquire Renown with your Season 2 character to acquire the Gold and XP rewards associated with your progress on the Renown track. Of course, you will also still need to unlock any of the Renown rewards you didn’t unlock with your previous linked character.